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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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Each fall thousands of high school graduates, enter their next phase of life, the college phase. Arriving on campus filled with excitement and waiting for all the hectic college experiences. Finding classrooms, ordering books, late night studying, parties and sleeping in till three in the afternoon. The freedom is nice. A large part of college students are busy doing homework and socializing with others, and dont have enough time to clean their living environment. By creating a time schedule in which each roommate can clean a certain area in the dorm will overall enhance a healthier living quarters.

After the acceptance into a college or university, the next relative question would be, Who will my roommate be? and What he/she will be like! As cited by Romos and Torgler, Specifically, when academics see that other academics have violated the social norm of keeping the common room clean, all else being equal, the probability of their littering increases by around 40% (Romos, J., & Torgler, B., 2013). An unclean living area could result in, Clutter or filth, clutter can collect dirt, provide a hiding spot for pests, and can cause trips or falls (National Center for Healthy Housing, n.p.). People would think that everyones natural instincts is to pick up after themselves when they see clothes on the floor, dirty dishes in the sink, or a carpet that needs to be vacuumed. But never the less, studies show if one person in the home is careless about his or her things, the opposite person will eventually adapt the careless routine. Another viewpoint that could be taking into perspective is, probably the student is to busy to clean, or perhaps their parents cleaned their surrounding for them. Being the bigger person in this type of situation by just cleaning up after them could potentially create an environment of cleanliness and the careless person will catch on.

Although, having a dorm room to call your own isnt quite what its made up to be. It is in fact your room. However, students should be mindful that they are sharing their living quarters with others. Bliss stated that, We came to feel that students really ought to take more responsibility for their own space (as cited in Chronicle of Higher Education, 1999). Adjusting to college, sharing a room, living room and sometimes a kitchen can be deceiving. One thing about being apart of the dorm lifestyle is sharing your space. Within that space is your belongings as well as two or more peoples belongings. And by just being in control of your own personal belongings can in the long run result in a more organized environment. Granted, you may have a very heavy schedule, adapting to college could be overwhelming and stressful. You may not have much time to pick up after yourself or clean your surroundings. Be mindful, if your roommate has an unorganized space and your side is kept up neatly, do not alter your habits for someone else. If this situation accrues, I highly suggest to sit down with all your roommates to discuss who and when everyone should clean the dorm. Thus, gives you and your roommates the opportunity to vent their opinions as will as solve any miscommunication problems.

Becoming an adult can be life changing, there is more things in life that you are responsible for, as stated by Kurtus, A person who has a reputation of being responsible is trusted to do things on his or her own, without supervision (Kurtus , 2001). Taking full responsibility and owning up to all the mishaps that go on in your dorm is vary important. Being irresponsible can lead to a dysfunctional living area and can potentially lead your other friends not wanted to come over, because its dirty, unorganized or just filled with clutter. Sharing the responsibility of your room, living room, bathroom and perhaps the kitchen, can ultimately change the way you and your roommates work together. Creating a schedule that can be posted on the wall for everyone to read, with a helpful layout of who and when each roommate will clean a certain area in the dorm. This schedule will effectively mold a healthier and cleaner environment as the semester or year goes. This will create an overall respect, responsibility, self control and comfort knowing that the dorm is kept up and clean.

Me and my three other roommates personally created a flexible schedule that helped each one of us. Within the first week of school, we sat down and figured out our class schedule and a preferred time frame that everyone was comfortable with. Every two days someone for example, was in charge of the bathroom, and living room. Along with those responsibilities also came with taking personal care of your bed side such as, picking clothes off the floor, an organized work area and a straighten bed. With my previous personal experience, I came to the conclusion that having a schedule in place makes a huge difference, compared to when I go into another dorm with four other girls and they do not have a schedule. I tend to notice that if there is no schedule in place, the roommates just live day by day lives, without thinking to clean.

The messy room is emblematic, a strident statement. Feeling entitled to live on his or her own, more independent, Its my space, its my decision, its my life (Pickhardt, 2012). Everyone makes their own decisions, either good or bad. Whether or not its choosing to clean, organize or just leave your area dirty, its totally up to you. However it will result in major consequences that will effect you in the long run. Affectively, keeping your area clean can create great habits that you will continue to follow in the future.

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