Collaboration and Innovation at Procter & Gamble Essay

Published: 2020-02-18 10:41:44
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After I reading this article, I come up some different ideas to my own business. In the lab assignment, I mentioned that I would like to create a cosmetics company. After I read this article, I come up some new ideas. This article is about P&G. By the developing of the globalization, people in everywhere can see the products which are produced by P&G. So, P&G is the leader in this field. There are many brands are owned by their company, for example, Pampers, Tide, Bounty, Folgers, Pringles and so on. Most of them are very famous around the whole world. P&G not just produce beauty care but also other different field. Pringles is a brand that sells chips and it is owned by P&G. I did not know it before I read this article actually. It is a very famous example of expanding. P&G has a very good business strategy. There are five steps to come up a strategy, every stage is important. It is very hard to come up a successful strategy, so we can learn from P&Gs successful one.

Their business strategy include maintain their original consumers, extend new products and create new brands in other fields. P&G very focus on innovation. They spend spends 3.4 percent of revenue on innovation. The weakness of my business is the innovation. If I want to be surviving in the fierce competition, I must have new products to attract more consumers. P&G Company has 8,000 scientists in their research and development team. Pringles is a good example to show them how to create a new brand. They also pay attention on internal and external communication. P&G try to have effective collaboration cross the whole company. The company has almost 140,000 employees in more than 80 countries, so efficient and timely communication become very important.

There is over 80,000 employees use instant messaging, and 20,000 use Microsoft Outlook. They use these tools to share data. For example, marketers can use the data as new as possible to make proper strategies. Managers are more easily and quickly to correct their decisions by using timely data. By the developing of the technologies, there are some technical tools to help P&G to develop their innovation and collaboration. They have Cisco Tele Presence conference rooms at many locations across the world. P&G is a worldwide company and they are located in different countries. So, the Cisco Tele Presence technology helps them to communicate each other when group members are across different continents. This is a very excellent way to collaborate and innovate. It is hard to think another way which is better than Cisco Tele Presence technology. However, if they can add the 3D without glasses technology into the Cisco Tele Presence technology, it will be the most excellent way.

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