Companies should spend money on improving the work skills of their employees Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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Companies should spend money on improving the work skills of their employees as it is to be seen from the leading top businesses that this will result in high success.

Firstly, the more investment is made in improving a certain aspect, better results follow. By spending money on improving the skills, it will allow more productive workers making the production rate efficient which all leads to increasing profit. The word skill is quite broad since it could be any kind of skill and it will all differ for the employees depending on which position they are in the company. This can also bring the company a good image. Example, the skills of marketing in a company are to comprehend with the customer to satisfy them. By learning these skills, they may pass on the positive energy to the customers leading to word of mouth and Increase Companys reputation.

Secondly, it will be a lot more financially beneficial to develop current workers than to bring skilled workers from outside. It can also bring the company a bad atmosphere and less bonding which is a negative factor as bonding is important between each worker to work as a team to produce goods or services. Example, it will create much better synergy for the teams to help develop skills together than to have one of their fellow worker get fired and have one replace the place.

Thirdly, it will improve personal skills and confidence. By obtaining the extra skills it will almost immediately increase the confidence of the worker allowing the worker to even perform well in their personal life. These personal skills may also help the unstable society where anything can happen the next day. Example, this worker who may have been trained and have improved skill of comprehending, can help talk to a person who is trying to suicide in the middle of the street. The worker can persuade the person not to jump off the bridge with their ability to persuade or talk well who dealt with A/S problems in a company.

To conclude, for the aforementioned reasons, any kind of training that may benefit a workers ability to complete their job is highly likely to be

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