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Published: 2020-02-21 20:50:54
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1. One of the main reasons why the 21st century is better than the 1920s is the 19th amendment Womens Suffrage. This act was passed by Congress June 4, 1919, and ratified on August 18, 1920. Woman finally gained the right to vote and do the same things men did. Still, most women were not treated as equal as men, yes they had their rights, but they still werent treated as fairly as men in a respectable manner. Now in the 21st century woman and men are completely equal they are treated respectfully, if not more respectfully than men are treated.

Woman can do everything a man can do without receive a consequence, which compared to the 1920s would be considered a miracle. 2. Back in the 1920s there was a lot of tension in relations between the whites and colored americans. There was many race riots during this period of time which began to create a division between the white and the colored. Which then caused immigration, causing people to become unemployed, because of this the american government started to become worried and confused on what to do.

Now, in the 21st century everyone is treated equal no matter what their skin color is , what gender they are, or what their race may be. Which is much different from the 1920s since then America has made an amazing improvement and joined the people together, as one. 3. In the 21st century people complain about how they hate their jobs and dont get paid enough but if you think about it you should be grateful with whatever job you have. In the 1920s, people had to work all day and not just to feed their family for the day, slaving over working machines so their kids wouldnt be hungry.

Not only did they have to work all day but the working conditions they had to work in, make it even worse. Everyday people would be injured come home with a broken hand or broken finger, and they still would continue to work because if not they would be replaced and would die from starvation . Now in the 21st century people complain for working a seven hour shift and only make 50 dollars in the 1920s they would work 20 hours and still not even make half of that. Before you complain about your problems think about how much harder other people had it, and think how the 21st century is like a dream compared to the 1920s.

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