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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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For my GCSE media coursework I have chosen to compare and contrast the treatment of the story of the Lost Lambeth Girl. I have used one broad sheet and one tabloid. The Daily Telegraph, which is a broad sheet, aimed at Business people mainly male into politics and mainly middle aged. The Daily Mail a tabloid mainly aimed at officers workers, women, house wives. Both dated July the fourth. Both the papers carry the story on the front page with further detail on inside pages. They both use photographs and neither pages use paragraph headings. The basic language in both papers is similar and uncomplicated to an extent.

To start of with I will talk about the Daily Mail in detail. The front page of the Daily Mail is mainly dominated by a one word headline vanished which would catch the average news readers attention. The subheading highlights the possibly of abduction both headings cover nearly half the page. The other item of the front page is a couple kissing (unrelated to the headline and out of place even tasteless! ) and a plug for a story of the Dando trial with a small photo of Jill Dando. There is also some script about the disappearance written by the Mails chief reporter.

The Daily Mail printed words like fears were growing last night ¦ has been abducted, it than uses her nickname Bunmi. After referring to a man seen naked near the scene it goes on at bottom of page and page 5 to A police officer leading the hunt¦ On page 5 the story dominates the page with a blown up black and white picture of the girl based on the one in the Telegraph and a picture of people taking a swim at the place of the disappearance. There is a lot of description of the lake and a woman is quoted as to saying just pray, just pray for her.

The story then goes on to mention two other school children in France one who was raped and murdered and the other drowned in the sea. The deputy head is also quoted as describing the girl and mentions he is made to the fact that Bunmi parents are from West Africa. A parent was quoted as saying I am concerned that the trip was not supervised properly. French Police are saying, At the moment there is no information to any teacher negligence. And the council express satisfaction an appropriate number of adults with the appropriate expertise.

Now you have heard about the Daily Mail in detail, I will go on to the Daily Telegraph. The front page is dominated by politics two main political stories. The two (minor) stories at the bottom of the page were personal stories including the one on the lost girl. There is a small passport size picture of the girl right by the headline. The headline was factual Girl eleven goes missing on school trip to France. There was some script on the front page about how the child was found to be missing and steps taken by the police including a team of frogmen and a helicopter. It also mentions the naked man.

The police captain said, at the moment we are still optimistic in finding her safe. The story then continues briefly on page two it mentions the fact that it was the first time the school went on a trip abroad and there were guidelines on how staffing had been followed. Also on the page there is a picture of a boat of people searching for the girl. The headline on page two talks of trauma for classmates and this is covered briefly by the captain being quoted as saying the other children are traumatised and in a state of shock. It also mentions one women saying just pray that its not the worst.

The only other quote is from the schools deputy head in which she describes the girls character. In conclusion I would say both papers are reasonably factual but the enthuse on the mail is on the possibility on abduction rather than drowning. The Mail is more sensational in its headline and opening paragraph. It does however give a lot of factual information. The Telegraph is Polly factual and equally mentioning the possibilities of drowning and abduction. The mail also makes more about the possibilities of negligence and refers to past incidents in France. Coverage by both newspapers is good but the Mail has a more sensational line.

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