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Shipman, 54, who was regarded as a popular and mild-mannered family man, preyed on elderly, vulnerable women. Toxicology tests uncovered traces of the drug overdose. And the investigation has been expanded to examine the deaths of another 27 of Dr Shipmans patients, 25 of whom were women. The main excess of deaths is amongst elderly women patients but in some years higher than expected numbers of deaths were found for older men and women in their late 60s. Shipman was born in Nottingham, 14 January, 1946. When he was 17 his mother, Vera, died of lung cancer at the age of 43. In 1965 he went to study medicine at Leeds University.

In 1970, Shipman graduated from university and started working at the Pontefr act General Infirmary. By 1974 he had become a GP working in a practice in Todmorden, but he soon began to have blackouts. Picture- In The Sun they had put in Dr Harold Shipmans eyes close up in the front page with HE KILLED 141³in red. The reason why the Editor had done this is because he or she wants to catch peoples attention and once you have see with you The picture of the front page it is as though Dr Harold Shipman is making eye contact with you, you probably thinks he had killed 141 people with the evil eyes.

In The Express they had put a picture of Dr Harold Shipman in small size with half his face in shadow the means evil and good the graveyard in the background, which refers to people, he had killed. The reason why the editor of The Express had put a question on the front page of Dr Harold Shipman SHIPMAN: DID HE MURDER 1,500? is also trying to catch readers attention of what is happening. It is almost asking you, asking you do you want to know what happened to the 15 people that he had murder and the next person could be you who is going to be killed by your own doctors?

It allows the readers imagination to question the reliability of doctors. By asking question it creates doubt in the readers mind. Captions- The Express has a very long caption of what Dr Harold Shipman did and more evidence shows that there are another 23 charges against him. But A Coroner Fears This Family Doctor May Have Killed Many Hundreds More this caption will be more believable then the one The Sun had put on their front page. In The Sun they only had a sensation of Shipman. They do not have any kind of caption at all. They are giving the wrong fact to people to judge Dr Shipman.

They just want people to buy their edition on the day with eye-catching stuff on the page, but not the fact, which is completely the opposite of The Express. It is telling you the fact but the way they have worded it makes it more reliable and is only asking a question of how many people did he kill not an opinion. The coroner gives the opinion Headlines- In The Sun they have HE KILLED 141 in red to make it more eye catching and is trying to sell its newspaper from the image of Dr Harold Shipman. It is just an opinion of The Suns Editor or reporter not the truth.

In The Express is asking just simple question to the readers: SHIPMAN: DID HE MURDER 1,500? Is just a question, and not a fact or an opinion from the editor? Layout- In The Express they only change the colour of the background from white on the top, black in the middle half, and white on the bottom of the page, which makes a more dramatic effect on the eyes of the readers. In The Sun they had a back black ground on the top, with red writing, a picture in the middle and the same black back ground on the bottom with red writing.

Reference to the story- In The Sun they have full Coverage from pages 2-9 plus on 8- pages about Dr Harold Shipman. It shows that The Sun is prepared to tell a story of what Dr Shipman has done from its own point of view. The Express is giving the reader something they dont know to think about rather then try to say what they think it is the truth about Dr Shipman. In my own opinion I think The Express is the kind of newspaper I personally would go for. It is telling the readers the truth that rather than telling the reader of what the editor thinks.

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