Comparisons and Contrasts of the Social Structures Essay

Published: 2020-01-21 03:41:49
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There are many comparisons and contrasts of the social structures and religious beliefs between West Africa and Europe from 700-1500 BCE. Some of these include that West Africa was mainly Islam and Europe was Catholic. Both West Africa and Europe had patriarchal societies. Both of these groups are very different but also have some similarities.

West Africa was mainly Islam and Europe was Catholic. This is because West Africa was largely affected by sub Saharan trade. During this time period most of Europe was catholic although it was not as widespread as other religions.

Both West Africa and Europe had patriarchal societies although in West Africa women had more influence and could actually govern people. The Muslims of Africa during this time period were typically much less strict about the roles of women than their Middle Eastern counterparts.

In both Western Africa and Europe, people were born into leadership positions and higher classes. Instead of having elected officials, both of these societies have leaders that live in a royal family.

In Europe the top of the social ladder are priests and in West Africa military leaders are the top of the social ladder. In Europe, the catholic religion is a main part of everyday life. The Pope elects many political leaders in European countries displaying the dominance of religion in this region.

Many things about West Africa and Europe are similar, but as we can see they are also very different. This is evident in the fact that both regions are patriarchal and that West Africa was Islam and Europe is Catholic between 700-1500 BCE.

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