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Published: 2020-02-06 03:51:02
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Everything that a man wishes to happen comes at the right time with a great purpose. Ever since I was a child, my passion for medicine is already intense. I believe that all of my personal and academic experience made a strong influence on my ambition to be a dentist someday. I anticipate my future to be successful in this field because I want to dedicate myself in giving service to people. My name is Iman kohanpoolad and I want to further my career in dentistry by enrolling at your credible institution. I believe that I have what it takes to be admitted in this school because I am armed with the right knowledge, skills and experiences.

I am confident that this school will bring me to higher career opportunities because it only recruits the best and finest students. I grew up in Iran and came from a Jewish family. While studying in my home country, there are difficulties that came along my way. That was the time that I realized how vital change is in ones life especially if it has something to do with education. I want to reach my full potential and bring out the best skills in me. So I and my family decided to send me to the United States where I will gain more educational advancements.

But just like any other foreign student, I experienced the hardship of coping p with the culture and English language. It was hard for me to relate with other students who speaks good English because I am not that capable of speaking the mother language of that country. In order to overcome these, I persevere and work harder to learn about Americas culture and how to speak English properly. I have proven myself that my diligence and determination made me survive the students life. Being away from my family since I was sixteen gave me the chance to grow independently. I became responsible, confident and strong.

The field of medicine has always fascinated and intrigued me. I enjoyed visiting the doctors office and watching how doctors treat their patients. I foresee myself being in that situation and treating my own patients in the future. In order to assure and reassure myself that medicine was the appropriate line of work for me, I decided to do volunteer works in various locations so that I can experience different faces of the field. I enjoyed working in a nursing home because it gave me insights and experiences of working with patients, one on one. Medicine has a variety of fields to choose from.

I was in search of the field where I could give each and every patient individual care that they are rightfully entitled to. I came to realize that my true calling is in the field of Dental Medicine. The more I read about dentistry, the more I become knowledgeable of the challenges of a dentist. By learning those things, my desire of becoming a dentist increases. I have worked in a dental office to receive the practical experience any student of medicine should have. Having lived in Austria for a year prior to come to America allowed me to incorporate European culture and broadened my vision of culture, in general.

My exposure to different cultures, I learned that people are different and unique. They should be given proper dental care that suits their culture. For the past two years, my work as a supervisor for life bridge health made me involved with many different patients from different cultures. I met Iranian patients that didnt know how to speak English. It is an advantage for me to help them because I can speak to them with their native language. Having a bicultural background allows me to stay connected with my patients at a greater and a deeper level.

As an Iranian student, I am an achiever because of my hard work determination and positive attitude. Various departments gave me recognitions which include art, music sports and education. I failed to bring any of my awards with me because I left Iran on such short notice. All of the aforementioned statements will prove how persuasive I am to triumph in my dream career. Once I am given the opportunity to attend dental school, I can assure the administration that I am worthy of the position because I can prove how best I am over and over again.

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