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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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It is four in the afternoon and your feeling that daily slow down after a long day. Some people turn to a chocolate bar, cup of coffee, healthy fruit but many are turning to Red Bull for the boost of energy. However, children these days are exposed to more advertisement each day, which as a result has them also drinking Red Bull. Little do they know that they could very well be harming themselves with every gulp. This paper will provide information on sources that have seen these problems and are now trying desperately to education the public

Part A

I personally would use Google to find background information on the topic. If I could not do so and I had no idea where to do, I would use an encyclopaedia to search related topics on my own without uses them as sources (i.e. Wikipedia). Furthermore, once I have established the direction in which I desire to go about writing the assignment, I would then look for credited or relevant websites, keeping in mind quality over quantity. The three websites I have chosen for this assignment are the following: 1) This is a very useful websites when you need medical information on health concerns, injuries, diet and much more.

The link with regards to this assignment is below: 2) This is practically MSN and the Australian Media. I found this article with information provided by the Australian Drug Foundations Drug Info Clearinghouse who is sponsored by the Australian Drug Foundation. Furthermore providing a very interesting news report. The link with regards to this assignment is below: 3) This 2010 Pulitzer Prize winning news paper station has reported direct information regarding this assignment. The link with regards to this assignment is below: 4) What better source to use then the information provided by the company itself. Through I could not find any direct information on the actual effects of red bull on children, I did however find out the major ingredient which is a great starting point to relate back to. The link with regards to this assignment is below: Part B

In order to know if my information is accurate, I would check the sources that I am using. For my sources for example:

1) WebMD is a content staff blends award-winning expertise in medicine, journalism, health communication and content creation to bring you the best health information possible. Furthermore all articles and information is reviewed by an independent medical review board. Additionally I feel that do to the natural and background of this type of website, biasness would not be present. Doctors and medically people alike are all about the health and wellbeing of society and would not give the public false information unless the side effects of the product were not evident to themselves at that time.

2) and Australian Drug Foundation are both extremely creditable entities. With MSN and the Australian media being extremely creditable as they provide a country with up to date information, on the country itself, the world, health and sports. Whereas the Australian Drug Foundation who is sponsored by the Australian Government would not provide inaccurate information that could affect the public and in this example someone across the world. Furthermore I do feel that the media could and have influenced our population on other topics, but when it comes to health but I feel they are right on this their report in this case.

3) The Seattle Times, a 2010 Pulitzer Prize Award winning for achievements in newspaper journalism, literature and musical composition in America. Thus demonstrating their reputation for correct literature. Furthermore I choice this topic because it was directly related to my topic. Furthermore with the prestiges award of the Pulitzer Prize winner for being a top journalism and literature newspaper, I feel that with that reputation you would not print information that is false and easily discredited. Thus demonstrating how they would not be bias over this article.

4) is the website of the company Redbull who makes the energy drinks that are directly related to my topic. Additionally, do to Government laws and regulations they are required to provide accurate information on their products and also to provide nutritional ingredients and information panels which include calories etc. However I do believe that Redbull would in fact be bias towards their product. If Redbull was to leave all their dirty laundry out in the open over their product they would not have any business. This is why I could not find any information with regards to children drinking Redbull on their websites. They must be aware of some health implications and chooses not to display this on their advertising website.

Part C

In order to determine if the person providing the information is a credible source of nutritional information I would have to take into consideration what exactly they are writing. With regards to my paper, i believe I have extremely creditable material through the source I am receiving it. On the other hand, I do not necessarily have extremely creditable individuals in the medical field with regards to medical studies besides doing the same research as myself excluding WebMD as this websites as it is run by a board of doctors. Additionally, I would love to personally sit down and interview
RedBull as I do not believe in their product and upon exploring the negative health implications I feel that they should not be able to market their product towards children as it is unsafe. As for my other 3 sources, I CREDIBLE NUTRITION INFORMATION: INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT would love to sit down and throw ideas off of everyone as to other ways we could inform the public. I would love to know of any personal projects that they are also conducting or involved with. After reviewing my information, I conduct that Red Bull is not acceptable for children, and to be honest, I dont even know if Red Bull should be consumed period. With many much more healthier alternatives such as fruit, dark chocolate and protein shakes, society should impose a proper diet and they will not feel the effects of an afternoon snag in their energy levels.

Reference List

NineMSN Tuesday, (August 3rd, 2010). Energy drinks: are they safe?. Retrieved from Nautural Medicines Comprehensive Database Consumer Version 2009. Caffeine. Retrieved from Howard Cohen (April 2, 2008). Kids+ energy drinks= dangerous mix. Retrieved from Red Bull. Red Bull Energy Drink. Retrieved from

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