Current trends in teaching growth patterns of children in elementary school Essay

Published: 2019-10-10 12:16:19
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Elementary schools for children have gained much attention especially in this 21st century. It is believe that the foundations laid at early childhood education have much influence on the whole learning process. It is at early stages that the intellectual development should be monitored, (Zhang, A. , Sayre J. W. , Vachon, L. 2009). The current trends in teaching growth patterns of children in the elementary schools have given more weight in promoting appropriate development of childrens physical and social growth as well as emotion. The following discussion illustrates how the above has been achieved in elementary schools, (Butte N.

F. 2007). Individual appropriateness and the age of the child has been put has the first consideration in the current trend. The first understanding of childrens background be it be family, culture and the physical and emotional abilities has provided the opportunities of meeting the needs of different children, (Butte N. F. 2007). Playing in children has been the most effective approach to monitor children mental growth. Both the child supported play by the teachers and the one initiated by the child himself have proved to enhance growth and development.

This approach is referred as experimental, (Zhang, A. , Sayre J. W. , Vachon, L. 2009). It is therefore by using songs and games that the children have been in position to learn more on numeric and alphabetical numbers. Another current trend which is appropriate in teaching the elementary children is the direct instruction by the teachers. In this children are directed to do something even though they do not have the idea of what they are doing. Through continuous exercise they master what they are taught.

For instance children can be taught counting of numbers through the teachers instructions or naming some items in which at the end of the exercise they will have attained the skills of naming and counting, (Butte N. F. 2007). References Butte N. F. (2007). A new 21st century international growth standards for infants and young children: Evaluation of the Feasibility of International Growth standards for School Aged Children, 137: 153-157. Zhang A. , Sayre J. W. , Vachon, L. (2009). Radiology: Racial Differences in Growth Patterns of Children Assessed on the Basis of Bone Age, 48, 574-576.

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