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Published: 2019-11-17 12:01:47
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I believe Custom Coffee & Chocolate mission is to establish a small caf where they and their customers could indulge their love of good coffee and fine chocolates. Bonnie and Stacy, recent college roommates, wanted a location that got a lot of foot traffic from shoppers and businesses. Their desire was to target a place near the university because they knew and understood those customers well. The purpose of the cafe is to serve unique coffee blends and specialty chocolates, and the business plan included purchasing only fair trade coffee and chocolates made by a few local suppliers.

Strengths Having a good location where public transportation is not a issue. The owners will be selling products that are considered to be good quality, near top of the line. Customers have the options of eating in or taking out their purchases. Weakness The shop is pretty small, and can only hold a certain amount of customers, and they will need more funding to expand.

Opportunity The opportunities are unlimited, expanding the menu to include baked chocolates, desserts, tea and other beverages. If the businesses continue to grow, Bonnie & Stacy may be able to start a small franchise. Threats I dont detect any threats, unless a similar business moves in the same location.

Bonnie & Stacy are doing all the right things to make their cafe affordable, and customer friendly. It is a nice place for friends and family to meet and chat while having a cup of coffee or reading the newspaper. Comfort is always important to me, so I like the idea of them having comfortable seating. Putting up a website and blog page might be helpful to customers and potential customers, for information and feedback. I dont believe that delivery would be a good thing right now, maybe in another six months.

Great job Bonnie & Stacy, you knew what you wanted and went for it. I wish you much success.

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