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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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CBBE act as a bridge to add value on a product endowed to a product as a result of past investments in the marketing of a brand. It is also provide provides direction and focus to future marketing activities. CBBE model designed to assist management in brand building efforts. According to the model, building a strong brand involves four steps: establish brand identity, create brand meaning, positive, eliciting accessible brand responses, and building brand relationship. In order to achieve these four steps, there are six brand building blocks which involves brand salience, brand performance, brand imagery, brand judgments, brand feelings and brand resonance

Brand Identity

Brand Salience means awareness and its related to achieve right brand identity. Brand awareness refers to customers ability to recall and recognize a brand also involves linking the brand of brand name, logo, and symbol and so on to certain associations in memory. First, salience influences the formation and strength of brand associations that make up the brand image and gives the brand meaning. Secondly, creating high level of brand salience in terms of category identification and needs satisfied is of critical importance during possible purchase or consumption opportunities. Third, when customers have low involvement with a product category, they may make choices based on brand salience alone.

Brand identity can be differentiating by two dimensions which are depth and breadth. Depth of brand awareness refers to how easily customers can recall or recognize the brand. Breadth of brand awareness refers to the range of purchase and consumption situations in which the brand comes to mind.

Brand Meaning

Creating brand meaning involves establishing brand image. It comes into consumer mind whats the characters of your product. Brand performance is the primary influence of what consumer experience with the brand and what they heard about it. Brand Imagery deals with extrinsic properties of the product or service. Is it how people think about a brand abstractly rather than what they think the brand actually does. Thus, imagery refers of more intangible aspects of the brand.

Brand meaning can be characterized according three dimensions which are Strength, Favorability and uniqueness. The question needs to be answers are How strongly the brand identified with a brand association? How important or valuable is the brand association to customers and How distinctively is the brand identified with the brand association?

Brand Response

Brand response simply to say how customers respond towards the brand that is what customers think or feel about the brand. It can be distinguish by judgments and feeling of customers. In another word to said whether they arise from the head or form the heart.

Brand judgments refers to customers arise from their head where personal opinions and evaluate the brand. By creating a strong brand, there are four judgments that concerned by customers. Including brand quality affect of value and satisfaction, brand credibility is extension of quality where they expect the brand organization are expertise, trustworthiness and likability, brand consideration depends on customers considered whether the brand possible purchase or usage, and brand superiority is customers want to know is the brand offers advantage than others brands do not?

Brand feelings refers to customers arise from the heart while these customer are more emotional response to the brand. Feelings can be unimportant or intense, positive or negative in nature. Warmth, fun, excitement, security, social approval and self-respect are critical to build brand feelings.

Brand Relationship

The final step of the model is brand relationship, focuses on last relationship and level of identification that the customer has with the brand. Brand resonance refers to relationship that customers have with brand and extent that they feel they are in synch with the brand. brand resonance can be classified into four categories, behavioral loyalty, attitudinal attachment, sense of community and active engagement.

While brand relationship can be characterized in two dimensions which are intensity and activity. Intensity refers to strength of the attitudinal attachment and sense of community. Question like how deeply felt is the loyalty? to be answer. Activity refers to how frequent is the consumer buy and use the brand or either in others activities that not related to purchasing and consumption. In short, Apple, Toyota these brands are well in building brand with high resonance.

Brand Asset Valuator (BAV)

How do you manage what you cant measure? What value are investments that are not linked to returns? All these are the most hard challenges facing by brand management. Brand value is an intangible value. BAV is define as a brand and precisely measuring it in a way that is linked to financial performance, marketers can gain an edge in making more intelligent brand decisions.

Combination Model

CBBE Model is all about how and why build brand equity to be strong and known by outsiders, customers and employees. Brand Asset Valuator is to help business executives, investors and marketers access and drive strategic direction and intangible value of brands. BVA model instead of added value towards the brand yet help in product as well. Therefore, brand vitality is an important role in future growth while brand stature subsequently forms power of the brand at the given moment. There are four variables, differentiation, relevance, esteem and knowledge, building block that can combined with CBBE model.

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