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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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A dream is not something to scoff at. Dreams always seem out of reach, a siren call that leads you to new, uncharted waters. Achieving ones dream would be to reach a true pinnacle of life; however, the road to a dream is fraught with risks. To give achieving this dream your all might be the only way to reach ones true potential, yet it may also lead to a bitter and disappointing end. With this in mind, I have often put off achieving my own dreams. I was so frightened by the possibility of failure that I dared not even try, instead resigning myself to a life of mediocrity. However, my dreams were given life by the encouragement of my parents to not settle for less. My dreams are not a trifle, an easily obtainable goal. My ultimate goal is to be a leading Video Game Designer, to create adventures and stories that resonate with the world and revolutionize storytelling in gaming.

The mere immensity of this task was enough to make me shudder in fear. I looked my dream in the eye and thought it too immense. I would have resigned myself to a life of normalcy were it not for my parents, who did not want me to settle for any less then what I was capable of. They had just discovered a college that was about to open up a new major for Video Game Development, and encouraged me to face my fears and try to achieve my dreams.

They pushed me to achieve my dreams, knowing that this college would be twice as expensive as a regular school. This encouragement led me to attempting to try and chase my dreams, to have some hope that what I wanted was possible, and to never give up on my dream. Becoming a game designer is not easy. It is even more difficult if you have dreams as large and grand as mine are.

The mere thought of the immensity of this task, and my preconceived notions of my own inferiority, drove me away. However, I realized that, although a dream is rarely the easiest path, and instead it is more often than not the hardest path of all, to not even try to reach ones dream is to give up on life. The path I chose may not be the easiest path, and yet I walk down it knowing full well it might end in heartbreak. I do this knowing that, if I had given up, then I would never have known if I could do it, and spend the rest of my life mourning what could have been. Again, were it not for my parents encouragement, I would never have even attempted to chase my dream.

No matter how much you want something, it is impossible to achieve it if you have no hope it could succeed. A sense of hope that what you want could be possible is a vital component to making it possible. This was something I had lacked prior to my parents encouragement. I was so frightened by what I wanted to do, I had no hope it was possible. Without hope, I would not even try, for why try when you are certain you will fail?

My parents helped me believe that I COULD do it, that there was a chance, and that chance was all I needed. No matter the odds facing me, I had to have hope that it was possible to overcome. Even when you want something and work very hard, it is all too possible you will fail at first. The old adage, If at first you dont succeed, try, try again works beautifully in this scenario. No matter how many times you are beat down, no matter how many times I fail in convincing people to work to my dream to companies to invest in my dream, I must perspire.

If a dream is weak enough to be broken at the first sign of trouble, then it was never truly one of these dreams of which I speak, so much as it was a passing fancy. A true dream is not something one would ever give up on, and neither should I, for although there are many obstacles I must overcome to achieve my dream, to give up my dream would be to give up on my happiness. The dream of which I seek is a lofty one, and there is little chance it will be easy. However, no matter the cost or hurdle I must overcome, I have decided to reach my dream. This courage to face the impossible would not have occurred however without the support of my parents who have helped me and want me to reach my full potential, so thanks to them, even if I do not reach my dream, I will have tried; and the fact that I will try shall be the greatest gift my parents would ever have given me.

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