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Published: 2020-01-02 01:42:20
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Purpose The design studio component of this course aims to help you develop your collaborative design skills, as well providing setting to practice use the modelling techniques taught in the course. Each design studio will be based around a mini-case describing a realistic business scenario. You will work in groups to analyse the key business processes in each scenario and identify how technology can be used to improve those processes. Each week, group members will take on the roles of business analysts, systems analysts and project manager and work together to produce a system design using a specific modelling approach.

The design phase will be followed by a critique phase that will give you experience in analysing other peoples designs, as well as helping you to improve your own designs. Agenda Each design studio will run for two hours, broken into the phases below. You will need to follow the timing to complete a sufficient proportion of the studio to use it for Assignment 1.

1. Group formation: (5 minutes) Groups should have 3-5 members. You should try to swap groups each week.  2. Role assignment: (5 minutes) Your group will need: a. Business analysts: to identify the key business processes in the minicase b. Systems analysts: to identify which business processes can be improved by technology and how this can be achieved. c. A project manager: to manage the team and keep to the schedule You should try to swap roles each week 3. Requirements gathering (10 minutes): You will be provided with a printed mini-case each week, which you should use to develop your list of requirements. 4. Design (30 minutes): Create a system design using the required modelling technique. 5. BREAK (10 minutes)

6. Design presentation (10 minutes per group including questions): Each group will be assigned a partner group. Each group needs to present their design to their partner group. 7. Critique preparation (20 minutes): Once you have studied another groups design, prepare a critique of their design. Remember the rules of a good critique! Identify both strengths and weakness and suggest how the design can be improved. 8. Critique presentation (10 minutes per group including questions): Each group will present their critiques to their partner group.

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