Do Males and females Have Different Abilities When Estimating Size? Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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The hypothesis is male can estimating size more exactly than female when they see the things far away from them. The result of the test supports the hypothesis. The problems that I faced are: people cannot stand at their place all the time during the test, the height of each people is different, and people cannot stay with the object with the same line. These problems caused my data error in the beginning of the experiment. This experiment is going to talk about Do the people estimating size of the things different caused by the gender?

And the background of this science report is in the ancient time the man and the woman divided their work. The man often do things like hunting, the women do the work like planting. And why there is such a phenomenon? So, hunting exercised the vision of the male so they can shoot or hit animal accurately but planting do not help of the women vision. (SteadyHealth. com Discussion boards licensed and powered by SteadyHealth. com v4. 8.

0 Development supported by Rights Reserved 2004 2012) the hypothesis is male can estimating size more exactly than female when they see the things far away from them. Remain the distances, and the size of the object, 20 adults in the same age and the same vision as invariant tests and half of the people we tested are females. The material is a 90 cm3 size of cube. We make 1 person see and describe the size of the cube they saw when the distance between man and cube is 15 meters one by one. Then, keep the subject at the same place, move the cube let the distance to 12 meters and 8 meters.

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