Do You Believe That Our Civil Liberties Have Been Curtailed Since 9/11 Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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It has been 6 years since the horrifying events of September 11, 2001 have happened and our nation still has to get over the emotional trauma of the events. It has led the country and its individuals to be extra cautious in the way we deal with other nations and each other. Security measures have been set into place in order to protect ourselves from any potential attacks. But there are those who believe that these security details are over kill and tend to over step the boundaries when it comes to respecting each individuals civil liberties.

Personally I do not believe that our civil liberties have been affected by 9/11. Instead, I view the so called curtailments as a small price to pay for the continued existence of democracy and civil liberties in our nation. The people who say that our civil liberties are being curtailed are, in my opinion, people who have a problem when it comes to dealing with authority figures and following the rules.

They are selfish people who have no concern for the people around them and how certain actions may have a rippling effect upon the people in their immediate surroundings. Throughout history, we have had to sacrifice a minute portion of civil liberties in order to insure freedom and security. When everything has settled down and the threat of terrorism has abated, I am convinced that whatever the perceived curtailed civil liberties of the past were shall be reinstated, although only to a certain degree in order to insure that the past does not repeat itself.

I view the term curtailment as actually learning to be disciplined in disguise. Under totalitarian and dictatorial governments, all civil liberties are banned or government controlled. That is not the case for our nation. Rather, it is a matter of reconditioning the people to understand that the way we lived in the past tended to pose a threat to us and needed to be adjusted to suit the changing security of the times.

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