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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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1) Joannas diagnosis was that the department was fairly inefficient. There was a large discrepancy in between work load distribution, with mounds of paper work piling up with Magdalena and some of the newer workers, while the clique had time to sit around, gossip and not do work. Another thing was that Sam and Jose never looked at any of the work done by the department. They only reviewed the case histories. The employees couldnt really explain why their jobs were done and only knew a little about the department and their specific job. Morale was also low, and this is another cause for inefficiency.

2) I think she should recommend that the work load should be more evenly distributed throughout all of the employees. Another thing is that Elena should probably be taken out of her position of management, because she said that she didnt like it, and the clique rarely listened to her anyway. Sam and Jose should also probably look at the work done by their department, and the employees should receive more training so they know the purpose of their job. If all of these things are fixed, this could also help morale.

3) Sam and Jose have a more delegated style of management, both saying how they didnt really enjoy being in the donor services department, but liked working in the field much more. They relied on Elena for the management, and sometimes showed up to just say hi. Elenas management style is not fitting with the way Sam and Jose act, she is a quiet nervous type person, who is a good worker but is not a great leader. She also has trouble with conflict, and is ignored by her employees when she tells them to do things. 4) Motivation could be improved if the work load was more evenly distributed. There would be less gossip by the Clique and the other workers would have a little less stress on their plates. Elena may also want to think about stepping down from being a supervisor because she didnt enjoy it, and wasnt commanding the respect that she needed.

5) Juana should be handled by Sam since they are good friends. She should understand that this is a professional environment, and her gossip and rebellious acts are counterproductive to the company. If she cannot come to an understanding, I think she should be let go. 6) The cultural factors that influence this case are that the home country people believe themselves a higher caliber employee because they are bilingual even though Elena is a hard worker and well qualified. Another cultural factor could be that Magdalena being well off, and truly believing in the work she is doing, not just for the money is a positive thing for the company.

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