Drivers Education for Students with Multiple Disabilities Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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Students with multiple disabilities are those who are experiencing more that one form of disability. Disability may be mental or physical or combination of both that hinders one from performing various life activities. Such students require much care as they cannot fully do what is required of them with help from another person. Such students should be given helpful education that would enable them contribute to the economy. Drivers education for students with multiple disabilities is required for none of the curriculum has considered this during their planning and implementation.

Research question The main purpose of the paper is to identify whether there is any need to have drivers education for the people with multiple disabilities to offer services in special schools and in public schools. Another aim of the research is to determine how this education would be offered and what type of disability would benefit from the drivers education. How effective would this education be to the disabled. Justification of the research

Students with multiple disabilities cannot perform a number of activities an able student can perform; this justifies the research because there is a need to have to have the disabled contribute to the nation building and economy. Drivers education would be necessary for the multi disabled students for there are those who can drive effectively despite of the disability. Review of the bibliography The provided bibliography would help in providing a critical review for the research and will give enough literature as to whether this drivers education for students with multiple disability is needed and to what extent.

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