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A prejudice will always be present, according, to Covert Bailey, author of the book Smart Exercise, who said that exercise is a treatment to everything. He was able to come up with this conclusion and prejudice when he started noticing that a lot of unfit people could not perform the activities that the fit people were doing. Exercise is indeed a thing that makes it possible for the body to repair itself. Exercise looks like a magnificent magic (Bailey, 1996, p. 3). Because of this, health buffs had made several types of exercise to enhance the body and the individuals health.

While some people do not care about their health, a lot of people do. These people go to the gym, attend lessons, learn the nooks and crannies of working out, engage themselves in different types of physical activities, exercise regularly and follow a healthy diet. It is true that maintaining a healthy diet is a wise way to make sure that the excess fat is lost, and maximum quality of health is achieved. Then again, this does not work without the help of a proper workout.

A lot of people these days who are into weightlifting are learning the art of the dumbbell military press exercise, as most health buffs are eager to develop their shoulders, which the military press help achieve. Also sometimes referred to as the shoulder press, the dumbbell military press is a basic exercise that aims to make the shoulders stronger. Apart from enhancing strength, it also sculpts the shoulders. The core muscles that are most important to human beings are also strengthened altogether. Weightlifting showcases the roots of the dumbbell military press.

In fact, since the first year of the Olympics, a version of the dumbbell military press exercise was also a part of the worldwide competition. The exercise being part of the Olympics lasted until 1972 (Bailey, 2009). The military press, in general, involves a lot of exercising equipments. It can be done with a shoulder press machine, a Smith machine, a barbell or a dumbbell. The dumbbell military exercise is just one of the many examples of military press exercises. The dumbbell military press exercise is here to develop the arms and the shoulders.

A lot of people resort to this type of exercise to strengthen the entire shoulder girdle and the postural stabilizer muscles as well (Bailey, 2009). Women who are suffering from osteoporosis are encouraged to perform this exercise or the military press exercise in general, to strengthen the growth of their bones. Women with osteoporosis suffer from a condition where their bones stop developing, and their structures become modified, apart from their bones feeling painful most of the time (Bailey, 2009). It is also recommended for elderly people in order for them to maintain their functional strength.

These days, athletes perform this exercise because they aim to develop their sport-specific strength, and of course, to increase their functional strength, too (Babbitt, Cane and Glickman, 2000, p. 141). To perform the dumbbell military press properly, the dumbbells must be positioned to every side of the shoulders. From this position, it should be made sure that the elbows are placed below the wrists. The dumbbells should then be pressed and see until the arms are extended higher than the head (Babbitt, Cane and Glickman, 2000, p. 141). Lower the dumbbell, and then repeat the execution.

This type of dumbbell military press is the dumbbell shoulder press. As its name implies, it is the military press exercise that aims to strengthen the shoulders (Babbitt, Cane and Glickman, 2000, p. 141). Specifically, the dumbbell shoulder press works to develop the deltoid anterior. The synergists are pectoralis major, clavicular; serratus anterior, inferior digitations; trapezius, lower; trapezius, middle; triceps brachii, supraspinatus and the deltoid, lateral. The dynamic stabilizers include and biceps brachii and the long head triceps.

Lastly, the stabilizers are the levator scapulae and the upper trapezius (Bailey, 2009). It has to be understood that when an exercise has the word press in it, it automatically means that the focus is the shoulders. What should be developed is pair of shoulders. A press, in general, is performed by standing. The weight from the deltoids, anterior is pressed overhead. This is done until there is an extension of the arms. While it is true that the press is focused on the shoulders development, it still holds true that the other parts of the body are also enhanced (Bailey, 2009).

Other parts of the body being developed through pressing include the back, costal muscles, the obliques, the abdominals and the arms. All these are also included in the development of muscles while performing press because this type of exercise is being performed in a standing position (Bailey, 2009). If an individual wants a broader pair of shoulders, then the dumbbell military press is the perfect way to achieve this goal. This is highly recommended when it comes to blasting the deltoids. To get a clearer vision of how to perform the dumbbell military press properly, here is how (Babbitt, Cane and Glickman, 2000, p. 141).

1. Get a bench to sit on. Hold a dumbbell in each hand. Make certain that sitting up is made straight. It is better to use bench with a backrest to support the back and to make sure that individual is seated up straight. 2. Use the palms to raise the dumbbells. The palms should face inward. 3. Hold the dumbbells at a right angle. The dumbbells, at this time and position, should be placed by the shoulders. 4. Raise the arms slowly. The dumbbells should be brought together. 5. The dumbbells should be slowly lowered by then.

It should be brought back to the starting position. 6. Focus on the breathing. This is most important as an individual performing this is nearing failure. It should be remembered that while doing the dumbbell military press exercise, the back should never be arched. The dumbbells should never be banged together, too. And of course, the abs should be kept tight as this exercise is performed (Babbitt, Cane and Glickman, 2000, p. 141). Keeping the abs tight is making sure that the dumbbell military press exercise is working on the individual.

It is a way for the person to help himself achieve his goal. His participation is also important in making sure that what he wants his body to achieve, is achieved (Babbitt, Cane and Glickman, 2000, p. 141). To make sure that the dumbbell military press exercise is done properly, check the dumbbells while the individual is doing the first position. These pieces of equipment should be placed higher than the level of the shoulders. The elbows should be extended to the point that they are almost straight (Babbitt, Cane and Glickman, 2000, p. 141). The final question is then asked.

It is not what dumbbell military press exercise can do, but what exercising regularly can do in general. Exercising is highly encouraged especially these days where more and more people suffer from more and more disease each day. With proper exercise, premature death, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, breast cancer, colon cancer, diabetes, excess fat, unhealthy joints, bones, and muscles, anxiety and depression are all reduced altogether. It also has to be remembered that exercising has steps and methods which an individual should follow.

An exercise is an organized and systematic activity. It has to be done properly, so that the right goals are achieved. Without following the instructions for a certain work-out, then losing weight will just end in vain. References Babbit, B. , Cane, J. and Glickman, J. (2000). The Complete Idiots Guide to Short Workouts. Alpha Books. Bailey, C. (1996). Smart Exercise: Burning Fat, Getting Fit. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Military Press Shoulders Exercise. 2009. Wow Body Building. Retrieved 18 April 2009, from http://www. wowbodybuilding. com/shoulders-exercise/military-press. html.

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