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Published: 2020-02-21 20:22:37
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An invasive alien species is the introduction of an exotic species from one region of the world into another region, where the natural enemies of the exotic species may be absent, and production of very disastrous outcomes. These alien species have a negative effect on only on the plant, animal and the human life, but may affect the general biodiversity of the area. They may often compete with the local species, reduce the yields of crops, affect the livestock, fields and forests, modify the habitat completely and spread deadly diseases.

The effects of the introduction of the alien species may be irreversible. Alien species can affect territorial, freshwater or seawater life, depending on which ecosystem it is existent. Under the statute Conference of the Parties to the Convention, parties should make attempts to prevent the introduction of any alien species that can threaten the ecosystem or the native species. In this paper, I would be discussing the introduction of two alien species, namely, The Japanese Beetle (Popillia japonica) and the Fire ants (Solenopsis richteri- Black type and S.

invicta Red type) (CBD, 2007 & Meyer, 2003). 1. The Japanese beetle This was introduced in the US, first in New Jersey in 1916. The species was introduced accidentally, when it was brought into the US in the roots of several nursery stocks. From the initial place it was brought into the US, the Japanese beetle has spread to several areas such as Maine, Florida, Mississippi and North Carolina. It has turned out to be a very serious pest in the US, causing serious damage to tobacco plantations and burley.

When there is a scarcity of other natural vegetation, the adult beetle would invade tobacco plantations feeding on the leaves. The larvae of the Japanese beetle would feed on the grass roots. The US has suffered huge losses in tobacco plantations as these beetles chew up huge portions of the tobacco leaves (Meyer, 2003 & North Carolina State University, 2007). 2. The Fire ants This species were imported into the US through the port of Alabama in the early 20th century. The Black fire ants came into the US in 1918 and the red fire ants came in the US in 1940.

Most of the people consider that the fire ants were imported into the US accidentally through potted plants that contained the fire ant nests. These ants would set up their nests in the soil and ruin several native plant species. They have shifted northward in the US due to the global warming changes. Several species of lizards, toads and snakes in the US have disappeared due to attacks by the fire ants. The Texas Harvester ants which is a native of the US, has also disappeared due to the domination from the Fire ants.

Many other native friendly ant species have also suffered from the pest control strategies employed to destroy fire ants. Several other local birds (such as quails), smaller mammals, reptiles, etc, are being attacked by the fire ants (Meyer, 2003 & University of Texas, 2001).


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