Educational Program on Tobacco Abuse and Addiction Essay

Published: 2019-10-30 19:21:42
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Tobacco is a farming produce that is used for smoking through the form of a cigarette. It normally contains nicotine as well as harmane. Tobacco causes so many diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular and lung diseases. Generally tobacco is smoked, sucked, chewed and snuffed. They contain a very high addictive psychoactive ingredient called nicotine. Tobacco is even worse compared to other drugs. Nicotine is also a very addictive substance clearly known by man and it is very strong and acts very fast.

Nicotine is a drug which has many different effects within the body and it stimulates ones system, even if it makes one feel more relaxed. Nicotine also affects the chemicals in the brain and immediately after the puff one begins to feel high for a second and that is the reason why so many smokers look at smoking as stress relief since they are under pressure. Nevertheless, the program is designed purposely to motivate and educate teenagers and young adults between ages 23-30 the major effects one experiences after tobacco abuse.

The program will address the effects of tobacco abuse and it is aimed at increasing the adults knowledge of the major effects of tobacco use. The adults between 23 years and 30 years will experience so many activities that will permit them to keep away from using tobacco. During the presentation, all the aforementioned adults will be able to know the effects of nicotine and alcohol cancer being one of them. On the other hand, nicotine tends to cause short-term chances of high blood pressure, heart rate, as well as the flow of the blood right from the heart.

Carbon monoxide reduces the amount of oxygen that the blood carries. The long term effects of smoking causes persistent lung disease, coronary heart disease, and stroke, with cancer of the larynx, lungs, mouth, esophagus and bladder. It goes ahead and forms cancer, cervix and the kidneys. The educational program is going to address all this effects of tobacco such that all the adults will be aware and stop taking tobacco.

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