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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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Category: Bullying

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This paper tends to serve as a research towards school programs that aims to avoid or stop the bullying attitude in school. In explanation to this the research will identify, whether or not, if the said policies or programs are effective. The data includes the school name as well as their total effort on the particular topic which is about bullying and programs that tend to prevent such an attitude.

What is Bullying?

Parents should know the importance of this act towards their child because the bullying acts impact might affect the childs social, psychological, and mental processes. Through the bullying experience, the child will gain a sense of fear from those who tend to be stronger than her or him which will definitely lead to anxiety, depression, and inferiority complex.

Bullying is defined as the power of a certain person or the authority of a certain person over another. This act can be classified in three categories which are physical bullying, verbal bullying, and exclusion from activities (Stopbullyingnow, 2007).

Physical Bullying

This category of bullying act includes hitting, kicking, pushing, and even choking and punching of a certain student to another he or she feels inferior to him or her (Stopbullyingnow, 2007).

Verbal Bullying

This category is different from the first because this act of bullying includes threatening, taunting, even teasing, making gossips and/or rumors, and stating hate speeches (Stopbullyingnow, 2007).

Exclusion from Activities

This act of bullying wherein a certain child commands another child not to play or not to communicate with the child that the boss doesnt like. Like for example; dont you dare play with her or else¦

Central City Cyberschools Anti-bullying Strategy

Bullying Intervention Strategy is what every school such as the Central City Cyberschool learns and executes in order to reduce or prevent the bullying practices in their school. This strategy starts on a School level which tends to educate the teachers as well as the administrators, the staffs of the school, every parents, and individual students about the bullying behavior and certain response tactics to prevent or avoid it. A curriculum is set into the school in every classroom level in order to effectively promote the intervention strategy.


1. Promotes kindness (Starr, 2005)

2. Promotes Communication (Starr, 2005)

3. Promotes Cooperation (Starr, 2005)

4. Promotes Friendship (Starr, 2005)

This curriculum tends to enhance anger management and conflict resolution skills on the children in order to avoid possible conflicts in the school environment. On the contrary, children are hardheaded and that what is told to them goes inside their ears and comes out after.

Other strategy/individual level

1. Manages serious talks with bullies and their victims (Starr, 2005)

2. Serious talk with the parents of the bullies and their victims (Starr, 2005)

Principles of Teaching with Regards to the Intervention

· Respect young peoples autonomy (Davis, 2005)

· Maintain young peoples sense of belonging (Davis, 2005)

· Teaching how to learn cause and effect thinking as well as to promote conscience development (Davis, 2005)

Since children are expected to be hardheaded and ego dragged, the said three principles should be considered before making any action against the bully children. These three principles will help develop discipline towards a certain child who has a bad attitude to the other children.


The discussed programs and strategy not only in the Central City School but also in other schools are said to be effective because the school staffs, teacher, parents, and administration joined efforts together and strictly execute their implementation towards the prevention of bullying without making a violent act against the bullies. They only tend to alter the negative behavior of the bully students and at the same time prevent the bully victims from having fear and any psychological disorder that the act might cause them.

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