Electric Vehicle and Fuel Cell Cars Essay

Published: 2020-02-05 12:21:26
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1. Age:
a. 23-32 Years
b. 33-42 Years
c. 43-52 Years

2. Sex: Male/ Female

3. Education:
a. Graduate
b. Post Graduate
c. Doctorate

4. Annual Income of the family:
a. < Rs. 6,00,000
b. Rs. 6,00,000 8,00,000
c. 8,00,000 10,00,000
d. 10,00,000 12,00,000
e. > Rs. 12,00,000

5. My usage of car is for:
a. Daily Commutation
b. Leisure

6. I look for the following factors during purchase of a car a. Fuel Efficiency
b. Features
c. Brand
d. Environmental Friendliness
e. All of the above

7. I know about Green Cars (Green cars include Hybrid Cars, Electric Cars,
Hydrogen Cars, Biodiesel cars, Fuel Cell Cars) a. Strongly Disagree
b. Disagree
c. Neither Agree Nor Disagree
d. Agree
e. Strongly Agree

8. Which of the following most reflects your level of understanding about Green Cars: a. I understand enough about electric vehicles to consider them when making a decision on my next purchase. b. I understand about green cars but need more to know more before I can consider them when making a purchase decision on my next car purchase. c. I do not understand green cars enough to consider them when making my next car purchase.

9. Are you in favour of Green Cars replacing conventional cars over time a. Yes
b. No
c. It does not make any difference to me

10. I) In future, I will consider to buy an environmental friendly car a. Yes
b. No
c. May be
II) If the response is no or may be for the above question, then is the reason: a. Expensive.
b. Dont know about it
c. Not convinced about it

11. What will motivate me to buy a green car in future
a. Information on green cars
b. Government subsidy or tax exemption
c. Lower maintenance
d. Priority Lanes for such cars
e. Purchase price to be lesser than conventional cars

12. If I buy a green car in future I would wish to pay the following price.

a. Rs.4, 00,000 6, 00,000
b. Rs. 6, 00,000 8, 00,000
c. Rs 8, 00,000 10, 00,000
d. Rs. 10, 00,000 15, 00,000
e. Rs 15, 00,000 +

13. Suggestions for making Green Cars environment/user friendly.

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