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Published: 2020-02-18 12:20:53
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Gender preference has always been rampant for the past centuries. Society would dictate that the men take much of the credit, while the women would take the back seat and just cater to the needs of the family. At first, it was evidently understandable that such tasks were assigned to both genders, but everything changed as a woman was hailed to rule over a land that was dominated mostly by the men. Elizabeth was film that showcased the extraordinary will and strength of a woman in a time of male domination. At a young age, Elizabeth was hailed as the legitimate Queen of England.

Her contributions to the land have nailed her to be one of the most memorable, if not greatest, rulers England has ever had. Before being hailed as Queen, Elizabeth had to endure the sufferings and the accusations given to her. The hardships that women endured for centuries in the hands of the men were something to be taken seriously. Monarchy was another issue that was greatly shown all throughout the film. Watching the film made me see the uncertainties that life offered its people at that particular time.

The men were expected to always be stronger than the women, while the women were regarded to care only for the needs of the family. The inequality that existed was evident all throughout the film. I was uncomfortable seeing Elizabeth take all of the blame, and being sent to prison. Not everything that happened was her fault, yet the members of the Vatican had a way of pointing their fingers at her. Women are equally competent as the men in a lot of different ways. Sometimes, there were certain things that women can do that the men cannot.

In this regard, why should women be treated unjustly? Through the centuries, more doors have been opened for the women all over the world, where equality is being practiced by the people. However, there are still times when the people would go back to believing that male dominance is necessary. I remember this one instance when a female classmate was tasked to become the leader of the group project. I observed that one of our male group mates was hesitant in following the orders of the leader. This led to much conflict among the group, which was resolved eventually.

However, I felt that the group leader was offended for what happened because she may have thought that the male member was not confident enough with her capabilities. Personally, I do not believe in manipulation. My perception has always been about allowing both genders to shine in their chosen field. I guess this may be attributed to the fact that I have bore witness to the inequalities set for men and women. It is my perception that the women should be regarded with utmost respect that is expected of them. Like the men, women have the capabilities to accomplish certain tasks.

They can work hand in hand together with the men, but are being shun away because of gender discrimination. Furthermore, I believe that gender preference should not be given so much importance in society. In a company, the performance and the capabilities of the individual should be the one being put into careful consideration. This may also be attributed to the fact that a company is run by the brains of people, and not by the clothes that they were. Regardless of whether the leader is a man or a woman is irrelevant as long as the company survives all of the problems thrown at them.

Years and years of living with female discrimination is enough already. People should learn to open their eyes to the reality that is happening around them. Someday, society may learn to accept the fact that all men are equal, and that no gender should be above the other. Chances should be given to each individual who yearns for success and improvement of ones self. Elizabeths fate should become an example to the change that should happen in the lives of people. Her eye opening fate allowed us to see past the discrimination set by the people. Someday, people would learn to accept reality, and practice equality amongst society.

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