Ellen Degeneres as a Gay Icon Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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It is too early to study the historical significance of Ellen DeGeneress coming out, yet this chapter can be a starting point for researchers to consider long-term attitude shifts in this society about homosexuality. ” the April 14, 1997, Time magazine. In this cover article of Time

She has won countless awards, has a hit talk show, and even has her own ride at Epcot; Ellen DeGeneres has revolutionized how society views/normalized the LGBT community. Her talk show was canceled after she came out; she spent 3 years away from the spotlight and came back to welcoming fans. Her wedding to Portia de Rossi in ___ was widely covered __by the media. This was one of the first times a celebritys gay marriage was celebrated. She currently has a #_ talk show, with an average of _ viewers. Thesis: Ellen DeGeneres nonchalant attitude about her sexuality has allowed her to retain her fan base, despite the opposing views on the subject of homosexuality. After the acceptance of Ellen as openly gay, we saw a society recognizing that such acceptance as the respectable approach, with judgment against homosexuality as the outdated viewpoint that now longer applies. **cite yahoo**

Historically, homosexuality has gone up and down in the tolerance of society, with it being highly tolerated in ancient societies, yet they faced much prejudice at other times, even just a few generations ago. In fact, homosexuality has been viewed so negatively and given so little social acceptance in our society that it has been only within the past few generations where any tolerance has been achieved. So, when Ellen DeGeneres came out on April 30th, 1997, her fans were surprised, but grew uninterested quickly due to the medias repetition of the story. Her television show was canceled, and she stayed out of Hollywood for three years before returning to a fan base that was now ready for her new talk show. Before Ellen and Portia, the big gay wedding was in 2005 between Sir Elton John and David Furnish, which was a private, 20-minute civil union ceremony. Rock Hudson

The media is the most powerful vehicle to change society attitudes and when shows like Ellen, and Will and Grace became popular, so did the acceptance of the gay lifestyle. Since then there has been so many issues in politics, law, and family, that our society has become more accepting.

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