Engage in personal development in health, social care or childrens and young peoples setting Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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My duties and responsibilities as a foster carer are many, i must have child A best interests at heart at all times, i provide a safe and stimulating environment for child A to develop to the best of her ability, to keep her safe from harm and abuse. I must make sure all her appointments e,g doctors dentist and language and speech are attended and up to date and recorded.

That child A is taught about personal hygiene and why it is so important to do this daily , where ever she may be living. Be a positive role model for her, show her i am there for her to depend on and what i say i mean and do, help her with her school work giving positive praise for the smallest of tasks. To give her new experiences help her to develop her social skills, give her ways to show how shes feeling, talk and listen to her about whats going on, show her that her that she is important , that her views and feelings matter, keep her well informed of whats happening on her behalf , doing all this and keeping confidentiality.

For me to carry this out to the best of my ability i attend regular training for me to develop the skills i need , also attend meetings with appropriate people e,g social workers, key workers, guardians, teachers and any other professional that has an influence on child As life. I also attend a support group that has talks about different issues that may occur and a chance to talk to other foster carers and social workers about any concerns i may have in a confidential setting. I also keep records, daily logs which are kept locked away for confidential reasons, on how child A is doing, and her positive behaviour also any concerns I may have. I also take child A to contact on a few occasions during the week, having a positive relationship with the people child A sees is a positive experience for her.

1.2 This QCF is based on The National Occupational Standards that you are expected to meet in every unit. Explain the expectations about your own work
role as expressed in relevant standards ie Code of Practice, National Minimum Standards, National Occupational Standards.

Health and safety at work act 1974 all electrical equipment working correctly, all gas appliances safe to use, these are to be checked yearly by qualified people. No hazards that can cause slips trips or falls. That all hazardous substances are locked away. All outdoor areas are safe from harm. All vehicles that are used are road worthy. That household hygiene is paramount at all times. That pet are well behaved. That general safety is maintained at all times. Childrens act 2004 , every child matters :- 5 core outcomes, Be healthy:-promote physical, emotional, mental health. Stay safe :- keep them safe from maltreatment , neglect, violence and sexual exploitation , accidental injury and death, bullying and discrimination.

Enjoy and achieve :- support leaning, attendance at school, stretching abilities. Make a positive contribution: encourage making choices , being involved, promoting good behaviour. Achieve economic well-being :- encourage further education, better lifestyles. Care council for Wales, code of practise for social care workers :- As a foster carer i must protect the rights of child A promote her interests , gain her trust and build her confidence, promote her independence, but keeping her safe at all times. Respect her rights and choices as long as they cause no harm to herself or others. Be accountable for my work, take responsibility for my actions and maintain and improve child As knowledge and skills, do any relevant training for me to be able to carry out my role effectively.

2.1 Explain giving three reasons why reflective practice is important in continuously improving the quality of service provided I feel reflective practise is very important within my role as things change all the time, i have to be able to adapt to any given situation and deal with it at that time, by looking back at what you did, will help you to see if you could have dealt with the situation differently, if it occurs again or a similar situation. The environment, age and development, life experiences, training are all factors. Reflective practise helps to improve my quality of care, increases my confidence learning and through experiences, no-one is right all of the time.

2.3 Describe how your own values, belief systems and experiences may affect your working practise. As a adult i cannot remember being told i love you being hugged or any signs of affection being given, but i do know i was loved. I have brought into my family hugs whenever wanted or needed or just a hug for no reason, i tell my daughter and child A i love them every day, and i do. (if this is what the child wants).

4.1 Identify 3 sources of support available to you for planning and reviewing your own development. I receive support and encouragement from my QCF assessor, my key worker and the children i work with, within my role and family life.

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