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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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Relevant psychological and physiological effects were found to occur in a promotion or transition process and these include the increased stress due to more challenging job experience and more demanding job responsibilities and the observation that the promoted technical person will become more people oriented and less technically oriented. The stress created could either result to positive or negative consequences to the just promoted manager.

If positive, the promotion may make him or her happy in the job but if not the negative effects could result to the company not attaining its organizational objective. Motivational and leadership theories could be incorporated in the daily routine to the workplace but the their incorporation must take into consideration the assumptions and conditions under which theories may be applied in order to assure the company of a better chance of benefiting from their incorporation as people may react differently in a way that may contradict the intended purpose or purposes of the theories.

It is an accepted business reality that people are the most important part of the organization but they are the same time the greatest liability if they are not motivated which makes it easy to attribute success or failure of the business to people and their decisions and actions. Applying or incorporating the theories is possible but requires a great deal of challenge to management because it is difficult to determine with certainty the different conditions under which the theories and motivations and leadership may apply.

In however making the decision to incorporate the theories into the daily routine of the workplace, advantages could be found in the greater chance of having motivated employees that would help the organization in attaining its vision but at the same time disadvantages are also inevitable for incorporating the same on the basis of the risk of making decisions to incorporate for not all incorporations of theories will result to a successful end. This paper asserts that certain foreseen and relevant psychological and physiological effects may occur in a promotion or transition process of technical person, using another persons personal on-the-job experience, and the managerial visionary concepts covered/discussed in both MSE504 (Engineering Management and previously MSE404) and MSE602 (Advanced Engineering Management.)

This further asserts that incorporating the theories of Motivation and Leadership into the daily routine of the company (workplace) from the perspective of engineer advancing in positions and that of an accomplished engineering manager is not easy as the theories are applicable under different set of assumptions or conditions which the present company does not readily lend without effecting changes to the higher corporate strategies of the organization.

It is further asserted that in so incorporating the said theories touches upon different pertinent theories and job-related experiences that cover key attributes of management such as: risk-taking and decision-making, judgment by trial and error, performance monitoring and evaluation, observation and interpretation, strategizing and behavioral analysis and that in so having various effects among these attributes of management, advantages and disadvantages as well as ramifications could be observed as they personal conduct, overall managerial tasks, and the companys operational vision.

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