Engineers Dispute With Client Over Design Essay

Published: 2020-02-24 06:30:44
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The major role of engineers is to safeguard the safety, health, property, and welfare of the nationals. If engineers professional judgment is overruled in circumstances where the safety, health, property, or welfare of the public is endangered, they should notify their client or employer. Knowledge of an alleged violation of the above codes by engineers, results in furnishing of the information or offering assistance as may be required; with the help of proper authorities. In a case where a project is perceived not to be successful, engineers advice their clients or employers appropriately.

Engineers Dispute with Client over Design In the dispute cited in case No. 84-4 of the engineers dispute with client over design, engineer A should hand the design drawings to the company due to a number of reasons: ? Engineer As design drawings had met the standards required. Ethically he had played his role as per section II. 1a; his plan would not cause any danger to the public. ? Presumably, the engineer thinks that giving the design drawings to the client, Engineer B may tamper with the whole design hence endangering the public safety and health.

Such an assumption is ill-fated and is not based on anything than a supposition. ? Furthermore, Engineer B is also trained and has engineering skills; therefore it would be against the engineers policy for him to give a design that would be unfit for the public safety and health. ? According to section III. 1. b, an engineer should advice a client if he believes a project will not be successful: so far Engineer A had played his part by meeting this obligation. ? Engineer A should have given the drawings to the client and wait for the outcome of the modified design by Engineer B.

If there was any evidence that Engineer Bs plan was dangerous to the public, then Engineer A was justified to report the matter to appropriate authority. ? Engineer A could have modified the design to suit the clients taste in a way that it could not have been of danger to the public since he had the skills, instead of merely dismissing the clients ideas. ? The client was going to pay for the drawings, plans, and specifications; hence the service was not a voluntary one.

? May be the client needed time to re-think over the plan and given time he would have changed his mind and ended up using Engineer As drawings. Conclusion Engineer A should have given the client the design drawings due to the reasons outlined above.


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