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Published: 2019-12-15 22:21:42
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The place of ethics in the society is a highly recognizable one as ethics form part of the most sought after issues in life. It is on this basis that every individual, organization, society, and group does all in its power to uphold ethical requirements in the place from where it operates. Wherever the individuals gather or work, it has been very critical that issues of ethics are looked into and upheld as far as possible (Cohen, 2006).

While different individuals and organizations approach issues of ethics from different perspectives, it is the desire of all to reach a certain end to ensure personal values are given priority in all approaches to life issues. Business organizations have worked to achieve their profit motives but have also embraced issues like corporate social responsibility to cater for ethical issues in their business. This paper explores the ethical issues in Kudler Fine Foods and how they can impact on the management.

Specifically, the paper reflects on the Williams Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory self-assessment and my personal values. It then considers what Kudler Fine Foods appears to value as an organization. Finally it explores how my core values align with the values of Kudler Fine Foods, and how this would affect my performance if I were a manager there. My Values As an individual, I highly like seeing all people treated equally. Equality is what I believe is the greatest issue.

Bias in not good as it makes those discriminated against to feel like less and as though they do not deserve (Cohen, 2006). Equality means that regardless of the differences inherent in individuals, each one of them must be given an equal chance at whatever issue life has to present. This value was developed after I noticed societys tendencies to treat people differently based on judgments which are not fair. It is easier for a rich person to be me given a better seat in the conference than the seemingly less rich as portrayed by ones appearance or prior knowledge.

The other personal value is placing human worth above all else because mankind has no substitute and even the most valuable jewel in the world cannot equal human worth. I developed this value after realizing that some corporations (business organizations) tended to highly value profits to care about the people whom they either use to make the profits or to whom they well their products (consumer). Universal love for mankind is my other personal value. I developed it when for a long time I noticed that no-one seemed to care about me and my troubles as a young child.

I learnt that absence of love can drive one to engage in evil acts. Finally, the other personal value is honesty. I always believe that regardless of the situation in which one finds oneself in, one ought to remain honest being truthful and utterly sincere at all times. This value was developed because I realized all forms of untruth are very costly both to the one being dishonest and to the one being cheated. Cheating of all nature is morally wrong and unethical.

Of these personal values, love is the most important to me because it tends to cover all vices. Results of the Williams Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory Self-assessment The Williams Institute Ethics Awareness Inventory Self-assessment was designed to help individuals appraise or evaluate themselves on their ethical perspectives based on four main indicators which form the acrostic CORE Character, Obligation, Results, and Equity (TWI, 2008). From the results, there is a lot of importance given to character which has a combined score of 4.

It is followed by results with a combined score of 3; then equity and obligations with a score of 2 and -9 respectively. This means that character is a most significant ethical feature, while obligation is the least valued. Different individuals will rate differently depending on what they value most. Results seek to measure the outcomes of certain actions. Character is what one value and likes doing. Equity seeks to ensure that there are no discriminatory actions. Obligation is what one has to do (TWI, 2008). Personal values versus those of Kudler Fine Foods

There is a close alignment between my personal values and the business values of Kudler Fine Foods. First and foremost, Kudler Fine Foods values honesty. The corporation ensures that every promise it makes to its customers, especially as far as delivery of quality products and within the required time, is duly fulfilled. It hardly ever gives excuses for failing to meet its part of the deal through dishonest means. Secondly, Kudler Fine Foods places a lot of emphasis on the need to have all customers served to their best level of satisfaction.

There is no setting apart of customers for different services (Ciulla, 2004). Instead, every customer, regardless of ones attributes and character, is given the best. In essence, priority has been given to the customer who is also regarded as the most important asset that the company ever has. Finally, Kudler Fine Foods values and embrace corporate social responsibility as a way to show that it values people where it operates. Its customers, employees, and the community in which it operates are all treated with the importance they deserve.

If I were a manager in the company, I would find it easier to cope as my value system almost entirely aligns itself with that of the company (Ferrell, 2006). Conclusion Issues of ethics are very important for both individuals and organizations. As an individual, my values include love for all, equality, honesty, and a general treatment of people with regard and courtesy. It is important that every organization uses its operations not to trample down but to uphold ethics so that the greater good of mankind can be achieved through business.

Kudler Fine Foods core values and mine are closely related to mine, meaning that I can make a good manager of the firm because my values and companys will drive me to move forward faster. This is because close alignment between the values of the manager and those of the organizations works to bring about enhanced organizational performance. Since both organizational and personal values are rated according to the CORE system, the four components represent the key main ethical areas. Word count: 1,049 References Ciulla, J. B. (2004). Ethics, the heart of leadership.

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