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Published: 2019-10-10 12:20:10
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One of the most important aspects in psychotherapy is the approach employed by the therapist. Diversity is an idea that is central to therapeutic work, therefore, a therapist must embrace the fact that human beings are not the same. Therapists must understand that being a homosexual or bisexual is not indicative of a mental illness (APA, 2010). Additionally, a therapist must not be privy to the effect of the social stigma of being a homosexual or bisexual on the mental health of clients.

In working with homosexuals and bisexual clients, it is advised to use an affirmative approach. Not only is acceptance needed in this sort of therapy, it is an indication that the therapist understands the what the client is going through. Research shows that one of the most important aspect of therapy with lesbians, gays and bisexual client is the attitude of the therapist (APA, 2010). Furthermore, a therapist must embrace and appreciate diversity that human beings do not have the same psychological makeup.

Thus, each client should not be judged by a particular yardstick. Since the mental makeup of human beings is different, each client should be approached in his/her particular makeup. Also, lesbian and gay clients should not be seen as being mentally deficient. Their peculiarity is a result of their psychological makeup. Importantly, the therapist must not be privy to the effect of the social stigma of being a homosexual or bisexual in the community. The therapist must learn to listen to the experiences and learn from such experiences.

This will aid the therapist in constructing the right support system that will aid the client in his or her recovery. In my professional work, I intend to apply these principles. I intend to allow clients to express themselves without judgments. What lesbians and gay clients need is acceptance not judgment so I would employ the affirmative approach in my clinical sessions with them.


APA. (2010). Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Clients . Retrieved May 1, 2010, from American Psychological Association: http://www. apa. org/pubs/videos/4310710. aspx

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