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Published: 2020-02-24 02:32:57
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I have just come back off my summer holiday. Me and the girls have decided to go on strike because of the wages. We only want 25shillings a week instead of 23 shillings. After I have paid for the rent for my room and food I have no money for anything else. I know Birling could afford it, it is hardly anything to say how much hes got. Birling! I hate that name. I never want to hear that stupid name again. Im glad I never have to take a step in that stupid factory AGAIN. All we asked for 3 shillings more but no that greedy, plump, bald, fat man doesnt agree so he gave all three of us the sack.

What a great position thats left me in no income, no job I will probably be out on the streets in a couple of weeks. I dont know what to do I need to look for a job now. I was lucky enough to get that job. Why did I have to open my big mouth. I bet some girls will do anything for that job, but I have to take it for advantage of it and get myself sacked. Its not like working in a factory was that bad ok the hours were long, the work was hard and there was difficult working conditions but at least I had a job.

Im sorry I havent written for a while but nothings being happening. Ive had to live on basically nothing. Something so great has happened today. I went round some shops looking for a shop job and this womens clothes shop Milwards offered me a job! The pay is quite good & the hours are reasonable. The boss couldnt find anybody else because of the flu. I am so pleased me and the girls are going out tonight to celebrate I hope I dont have a thickhead for my first day.

Im so worried because this tom of a woman came in today and started complaining. She said I was trying to rise in to higher class all because I looked in the mirror with a dress held up against me. The boss took her side as well only because she threatened to withdraw her mothers account. That woman is nothing but a self centred, higher class, tom. Please hope and pray that I dont get sacked from Milwards its been the only reason Im still living my life.

Today I got into Milwards like usually and the boss sacked me there and then. I bet it was that tom that came in earlier this week. I bet she used her selfish power to get me sacked. Now I am in this position again no job no income. I only had that job for a couple of months and I was doing a grand job at it too the black mailed boss even said so. Ive just been reading this diary and have decided my life is not worth living as Eva Smith. All I have had is bad luck, when I thought I have had some good luck its ruined by bad luck. Ive admitted it my life is not worth living! Im going to change my life for the good. A new beginning new name Im going to call myself Daisy, thats a pretty name and might bring me good luck.

I met this man called Gerald. He is so kind, so Georges hes the kind I would like to marry. This is the good part he asked me if I wanted to meet up in 2 days and of course I said yes so Im going to get myself all doled up in a couple of days to meet him. Im so excited. Theres something a bit fishy about him though! I meet up with Gerald he has the softest touch, Hes not like the average man he is gentle and not forceful. We are now a couple now, he said we will be secret lovers. I dont know what he means by this I still think theres something strange about him but I cant explain it. He doesnt show me around to all his mates like the others he keeps me reserved. Who cares, we are together now and thats all that matters. Im going to see him on Thursday hope it goes well!

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