Evacuation was great success Do you agree? Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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Evacuation was great success. Do you agree or disagree? To be able to come to my own conclusion on this question I will be studying all the sources and coming to a conclusion after I have studied the sources. All children were evacuated to safer places called reception areas. Whereas source C suggest that it wasnt, it says people had no idea where they were going. The source comes from an interview with a teacher in 1988. This source cannot be fully trusted because it is only her memories and is only one viewpoint.

Some sources suggest that evacuation was well organised when evacuees got there. For example, in a source in a textbook, a 5-year-old evacuee described his experience; he says that he enjoyed himself, and enjoyed his 2 3 years in Wales, and that the host wanted to adopt him. Another example of where evavuation was a success was from a rich host who says that her 6 male evacueess made the war bearable and enjoyable. Source G is an extract from a novel. The reliability of this source is questionable as the facts could have been exaggerated for the sake of the novel.

It is not an eyewitness account. It is written for children so the harsher and perhaps more truthful details may have been omitted. Source G shows evacuation to be a partial failure. Source H is a piece of propaganda encouraging more people to become host families for children being evacuated. This shows that many people did not want to be host families for whatever reasons. This source shows many more families were needed to cope with the rising number of children being evacuated. This source also shows that evacuation was a failure.

It is an extract from a teacher remembering her own experiences. She is articulate and descriptive; you get a feeling of the uncertainty and fears that surrounded the event, All you could hear was the feet of the children and a kind of murmur, because the children were too afraid to talk. The interview with the teacher took place in 1988 long after the war had finished, there is no reason for the teacher to slant her memories for propaganda purposes or to sell newspapers, she is a neutral party.

It is obviously an enduring memory, which she still remembers clearly despite the long length of time. Her main aim seems to be to inform not to persuade. Source C allowed me to get closer to the event. There is a lot of information about why the evacuation process was unorganised. Source 11 in the blue pamphlet tells us about the terrible and traumatist the age of two. She travelled to Wales and was separated from her older Brothers and Sisters.

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