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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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Every year my dads side of the family gathers for a family reunion at my god-mothers house. My god-mothers house located far out in the warm, dry, deserted neighborhood in dusty Lemon Grove, where my family anticipates the grand event about to be rekindled once again, but I wasnt looking forward towards the event. With my family and friends about to be reunited with each other, each family member is trying not to notice how long the last kilometer will take. The trees along the road seem to crawl by slower as my dad pushes his foot gently down on the gas pedal.

I was sitting in the car, with the windows sealed and the air-conditioning blowing in my face, my thoughts running through my mind reminiscing about last years gathering. With a gentle sigh thoughts ran through my mind telling me that itll just be for today. I wasnt looking forward towards our reunion so I quietly sat in the car and kept quietly to myself, counting down the hours to counting the minutes, down through the seconds. Second by second, inch by inch, slowly through each mile we finally approached the long awaited destination.

We finally arrived at my god-mothers house knowing that the long journey is over. I was just thinking about the drive back to my house. My siblings and I, each took a huge breath as we step out onto the crispy lawn hearing that crackling grass walking towards the door. The air was dry and humid, which created a sticky, dripping sweat down my spine. I was making my way toward the gloomy, wooden, front door, illuminated by all the decorations she had plastered. As I open the door and step into a house full of cheek pinches and hugs, an array of sweets and bake goods odor engulfs me, and makes my mouth water.

As I greeted everyone with a simple, Hello, I hear voices laughing, talking, and asking, Who is at the door? In the next second as I glanced into the family room, all seventy of my relatives are giving me there greetings and gladly inviting us into the house with more hugs and pinches. As my family and I are quickly made comfortable, I looked around and made my way out to the back yard hoping that no one would notice.

I walked towards the other side of the door, leading into the kitchen. The aroma of the sweet baked goods caught my attention. As I walked through the glass, sliding door, one of the tables had a cake full of colors of edible ribbon intertwined, forming thin swirls. Layer after layer, each smaller than the last, stacked up. The cake stood on display, rotating on a type of turn table. The white frosting glistened, almost sparkling until only a tiny cake the size of ones hand remained.

Purple and pink frosting connected by the ribbon, circle the entire display, shrinking as they neared the top. Sugar, white and in small sand like granules, dusted the dessert titled Do Family Reunion 2001. Next to the cake there was a table with plates full of pastries, Asian desserts and fruit juices that lightly penetrated the air filling up the entire house as the family socializes with each other. The constant murmer of the voices, serves as a background for the music. My cousins, nephews, and nieces were running, making their laps around the living room, while playing tag and laughing to their hearts content.

I walked back into the family room, making my entrance, I hear a voice saying My have you ever grown up! I turn to my left and stood up to address my complimenter but annoyed feeling like a little kid. I just smiled and crowded myself on the couch with cousins watching television quietly. The rest of the night carried with war stories, games, and family reminiscing about past memories in Vietnam as I sat quietly flipping through the television, yawning, falling asleep.

My god-mother got everyones attention and everyone was seated at the large oak table with crazed looks upon their faces. Everyone was eager to devour whatever was set before there eyes as each family member was tempted by the tantalizing smell of the vast amounts of goods presented to them. My mind goes blank, almost like a sudden amnesia, as I started to dig into the delicious plate of delightful treasures, and then find myself in a daze lying on the couch, back to square one watching television again.

I wasnt really looking forward to the reunion but everything made up for the wonderful presentations and great sweets we got to enjoy. Each years reunion hasnt changed except for the different, delicious dishes that my god-mother makes. I just get so fascinated with her talent and what she can do in the kitchen. Next year for our family reunion, I wont be so negative and just be delighted about the reunion and all the great food that will be served to me. I will have a better attitude and not making it a have to than a want to and take advantage of every enjoyable moment at the reunion as a family and make the best out of it.

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