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Published: 2020-02-23 07:20:31
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As the new chair person of this committee, I would first like to state that the objective of this committee is being revised and approved by the Dean. It is my intention to restate the objective of this committee, and extend its work scope to give personal touch, rather than limit it to the professional academic lives of our esteemed faculty members.

It is normally assumed that the role of this committee is to aid them in taking their career decisions. ( FEC, para 1 ) While keeping this as the primary objective, I have proposed that the functioning style need to be more at personal level, rather than being very professional and career centric only.

In view of this, I suggest that the committee has following five members:      1) Myself, ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦.., a specialist in behavioral sciences, and the chairman of       this committee for the next three years. I would be reporting to the Dean of the       university, and overlooking all the functions of this committee. My endeavor is to add       the dimension of personal touch to the functioning of this committee.

The faculty   member should feel at home, during his stay at our university.1)      Mr. ¦¦¦¦¦¦¦ He is a specialist in psychology and has been with our university for the past two decades. He is recently promoted to professor 1 level. So far a specialist in psychology was not included in this committee, but in view of the recent ground level realities, I feel strongly that it is necessary to have a someone who can deal with the mental state of our faculty.

The university management has observed that, especially when promotions are rejected, the faculty members have a tendency to lose their enthusiasm and get depressed to a certain extent. The role of this member would be exclusively to analyze, understand and deal with the mental state of each faculty.

2. Mr¦¦¦¦¦¦¦. He is a administration specialist. He would be responsible for checking the academics being imparted by our faculty at the ground level. We are starting a system of monitoring the lectures, and for this designated members will be personally deputed to attend lectures, without any prior notice. This necessary to evaluate the faculty from the grass root level. Moreover, he would also be responsible for coordinating the ask of evaluation letters and grading them.(letters of evaluation)

3. Mr¦¦¦¦.. is a human resources management expert, with a long experience in his field. He would be constantly and continuously assessing the need of faculty members in our university, both quantity and quality wise. We have maintained a very good student to faculty ratio of 5 : 1 so far, and that needs to be maintained in future also.

4. Mr¦¦¦¦.. is a specialist in finance and accounting. He would be responsible to budget the monetary aspects of sustaining our faculty with a package which keeps them happy. He would also keep future monetary requirements in mind, while budgeting. ( Faculty evaluation committee , page 3 , para 1) timely revisions of pay packages and the financial impact of decisions related to promotions will be his responsibility also.

5) Mr¦¦¦¦¦. is an eternal member appointed by the state government. He is a consultant to many universities, and his a specialist in counseling for faculty career guidance. He has in depth knowledge of the academic scenario all over the world, and is the most suitable person, whom our faculty can approach, for guidance on shaping their future.

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