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Published: 2020-02-15 23:21:09
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Peace and serenity. The feeling of wind swiping past your body is one of the things that just lead to a release of everything. Theres a sense of calmness that is incomparable to this sensation. For me, this sensation is one of the main reasons that the beach is my favorite place. The beach is one of the most peaceful and relaxing places there are, and the beach comes along with the quite a few possible adventures, which is what truly makes the beach the most spectacular place. The smell of salt and freshness make it so all you want to do is sit there embracing the scent for months. Its amazing to be so intensely amused by some of the seemingly smallest things in life. The fact that the beach makes it so that you appreciate all the little things is another one of the reasons that the beach is what I consider to be my favorite place.

The beach has a sense of adventure and mystery among it. There are millions of creatures that live throughout the ocean and the sand. Each creature has its own special qualities. Every time you go to the beach it could be a new adventure. You could have an encounter with either one of the many types of plants there, or you could have an encounter with one of the animals there. The time that I had gone and swam alongside a group of manatees down the entire shore of the beach for nearly 50 feet was one of the most memorable and magical experiences that Ive ever had. The adventure to be had is truly endless at the beach. We already know millions of types of animals that use the ocean as their home, and we only have knowledge of five percent of the ocean to this day. That statement alone represents the absolute mystery of the beach, hence my fascination with it.

The beach is one of the few places that include so many of the aspects of life that most people love. The calm atmosphere, the adventure, and the activities to be done. At the beach you have the ability to do so many different things. You have the ability to engage in so many different aspects of the beach. There is the ability to either swim, play with the marine life, or do some of the sports activities that the beach contains. Plus just the general joy of enjoying the sun and wind in the sand is always there.

Whether it be building the sandcastles, trying to catch fish in a pale, searching for the prettiest of the shells, or playing volleyball with my family, the beach has always had something to offer me. Even if the weather is bad, making it nearly impossible to do any of the typical beach activities, simply looking at the skies and the water in the midst of a storm is an amazing view. No matter what the situation is, the beach always manages to see it through somehow and never let me down.

The beach is what I consider to be my favorite place because of all of the different things that the beach has to offer. In any circumstance, there is always some reason to want to be at the beach. It is the perfect place to be alone, or the perfect place to spend time with either your family or friends. In any case, the beach is by far my favorite place to be.

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