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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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T in the Park is a music event which takes place every year which is usually held on the second week of July. This event is growing more and more popular as the years go on and as soon as the tickets are available it is almost an instant sell-out. This music event was first held at StrathClyde Country Park, it has now moved to Balado Airfield, Kinross in Perth. I chose this event as it is extremely popular and attracts many tourists, it also is a chance for me to identify the impacts this event has on several things as well as the advantages and disadvantages it brings.

Throughout this report I will mention the Social and Cultural, Environmental and Tourism impacts TITP brings also the strategic planning which needs to be put into place to make this event a success. Social and Cultural Impact TITP has a massive effect on the social impact for the organisers, tourists and the people who attend this music festival. TITP can allow people from all over the world to have a shared experience and show there interest and love for music.

This music festival also brings the community of Kinross together and allows them to have pride for where they live and the history and tradition this event brings. Although sometimes if the Kinross community have a negative image or their first impressions are not good enough for tourists, this could damage the impact this event brings every year. However TITP is situated in a rather excellent place as this event has been going on for years now and it is only becoming more and more popular and expanding as time goes on.

This music event also increases the participation of the community. This is such a magnificent affect as it is sometimes rather difficult for event organisers to get such a massive participation and support from the community the event is held within. The event organisers and managers are able to create something fresh and introduce new and challenging ideas every year as well as present new and extremely popular music artists from all different genres. Even though there are so many positive aspects to the social impact TITP brings there is also a few negative features.

Such as TITP is sometimes known for the bad behaviour which can be featured throughout the weekend it is held. This event is well known for the binge drinking and the occasional people taking drugs, even though drugs are not allowed within the premises it does not stop several participants doing so. The mix of the drugs and drink as well as the lack of sleep can lead to peoples emotions being like a rollercoaster and this can result in fights or abusive behaviour.

However TITP hire many security guards to try their best to prevent this from happening as the event organisers do not in any way think this is acceptable. This event can also have a negative effect on people who are not attending or participating in this event as they may struggle to carry out normal day to day things as there possibly may be too many tourists or such a distraction, this can result in altering a persons routine. Environmental Impact The event organisers of TITP try their hardest to make this event as echo friendly as possible.

The Green T company attends the festival every year to encourage and make the public aware of environmental issues. A survey was carried out and the results showed that T in the Parkers is no different when they are at home 80% of them recycle, reduce waste, use low energy light bulbs and turn electrics off when they are not in use. When they are enjoying the festival they try to behave the same 95% feel that it is fairly or very important that T in the Park is as green as possible and 55% say Green T has affected their attitude towards green issues (Virtualfestivals.

com, 2009 A Greener Festival). This results in T in the Park being able to showcase the importance of the environment, it allows people to also walk away with a better knowledge of the impact several things have on the environment which means once the event has finished people will link their knowledge with the memories and experience they had at TITP. Although TITP supports the environment and tries to reduce the impact this event has on the surroundings as much as they can it still causes several effects.

It is always a massive worry to the Kinross community that their heritage and beautiful setting will be destroyed throughout the time this festival is taking place. This could result in possibly the community isolating themselves from this event, which is bad as no event planners want to exclude the community who live within the setting of their event. Nevertheless TITP is the only UK festival to win an award relating to improve on the echo issues (Virtualfestivals. com, 2009) A Greener Festival). Tourism Every year TITP takes place loads of tourists travel a long way to share the experience of this amazing event.

An advantage of this event taking place in Kinross is that it allows tourists to see and appreciate the stunning setting. Having a spectacular and unique destination is one of the main keys for any event to survive, TITP attracts loads of tourists and by having this event take place in Kinross it allows a lot of businesses to take advantage of the tourists time spent within this area such as: transport systems, hotels, restaurants etc. T in The Park also creates a lot of job opportunities, which interests the public on a high level as they can be involved in this event and earn wage and get work experience out of it.

It can create job vacancies for some of the following: Security Venue Operators Lighting and Sound Equipment Firms Audio/Visual Specialists Caterers Health and Safety Consultants New Artists However the Kinross community may not accept the tourists within their community and may not agree to this event taking place and allowing tourists to be temporary apart of Kinross. Also there is a massive risk if TITP is not successful or anything goes wrong this leaves a negative reputation on where the event is held, Kinross.

Furthermore another disadvantage for the tourists participating in this music festival would be that once the tourists are within the event all the prices of food, drinks etc. are extortionate. This is due to the fact that this event knows the public will pay for these things as they know in that moment you do not have an alternative supplier. Stakeholder Input / Destination Tourism Strategy The event organisers of TITP need to have a tourism strategy in place every year before this event takes place. TITP will have various stakeholders such as: tourism bodies, event bodies, transport companies, catering industry, the retail industry etc.

TITP organisers already have their chosen destination which is Kinross as they have been holding this event there for several years now. However they will be unsure how events and event-based tourism will fit in. Situation Analysis Every event should be carrying out a SWOT analysis, this allows the TITP event managers to identify their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. By doing this it will allow them to try and prevent any threats from happening, and change any weaknesses into s strength over the time they have to plan this outdoor music festival.

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