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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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I chose to do my project on FIFA 2012 which is a soccer video game. FIFA has sold more than 100 million copies worldwide, making it one of the best-selling video game franchises. Also FIFA 12 holds the record for the fastest selling sports game ever with over 3.2 million games sold and over $186 million generated at retail in its first week of release. I have been researching how FIFA meets the six core standards of marketing including the distribution, marketing information management, pricing, product management, promotion, and selling.

Firstly, I am going to discuss the distribution techniques used by the manufacturer, electronic arts (under the EA sports label.) Electronic arts specifically targets children, teenagers, and young adults, since the primary target age range for the game is 12-25. To actually get the product to these customers, the use of internet is key to the distribution of the game. FIFA can be bought either directly online or in store. Ordering is easy, quick, and reliable. Most supermarkets sell the game and pretty much every electronics store sells the game.

A good technique that EA Sports used is that they made the game available for download a couple of weeks before the release date. You could download this directly onto your Playstation or Xbox by simply logging into your online account and clicking on the download button. Once the game is downloaded, you got the chance to play a short sample game which enables the customer to test out the game and see if they enjoyed it. EA Sports also sets up a deal with supermarkets and electronic stores whereby future customers can pre order the game and ensure that they have their copy for the date of release. This means that they can actually make money for sales of the game before the games release.

There are many ways that EA Sports collects information for the game to gain feedback on how customers like the game and how the game could be improved. In every copy of FIFA 12 there is a questionnaire that is made for customers to fill out if they wish. The questionnaire includes six questions which gasps feedback on the game such as if the customer liked it, if it was realistic, what can be done better in next years edition etc. Also, EA Sports go on a tour around the USA which is called the FIFA soccer 12 takeover tour whereby they travelled around the country to all the big cities, and hosted an event where the public could attend to demo the new game before anyone else.

I think this is a great way of getting feedback on the game because they get to know the aspects of the game that people dont like, or any glitches of anything that may be wrong with the game, and it still gives EA sports enough time to fix this before the real version is released to the world. Also, its a nice way to promote the game and get the FIFA soccer brand out there early. Another way that EA sports can gain feedback from customers is by going to where they can write their own personal review of the game and actually rate it between 1-5 stars. They can voice their opinion in what they liked of the game, what they disliked, what can be improved etc. I like this idea because its an official website created by EA Sports which lets customers opinions be heard and taken seriously.

The pricing of the game, and the way that EA Sports communicates with customers about how much the game is going to cost could definitely use improvement. The standard price that I could find was $60 in store and $50 online. It is not the best price compared to their main soccer rival game Pro Evolution Soccer 12 (PES12) which is priced at $50 in store and $40 online. However one good technique that EA Sports used was by actually releasing the game a month before PES12 was released. This meant that any soccer fan, regardless of which game your prefer, was going to be more tempted to buying the FIFA12 game purely because it is available to the public first.

There was a big demand in FIFA12 for a new career mode that can be played online and shared with the world. There has never been anything like this of previous versions of the game. For FIFA12, EA Sports listened to what customers wanted and made it a reality by creating FIFA Ultimate Team. This is an online service which costs $2 per month to participate in. It involves FIFA12 users to trade, sell, and buy players to get the best team they possibly can, while being able to go online and put their created team against other teams on the internet. Not only does this help meet needs of FIFA customers but it also gains more revenue for EA Sports, and is not too pricey that it scares customers away.

EA Sports have excellent ways of promoting FIFA 12 to the world. Social media is very important to them. They have pages on Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter pages which are regularly updated with latest news, new game features, etc. This is a great way to promote to their primary target market of teenagers and young adults, because social media today has a big impact of everyday life. FIFA 12 has some funny TV advertisements that they have been shown on TV for the last month or so. One of them shows the US national goalkeeper Hope Solo, and the famous basketball player Steve Nash, playing a game of FIFA12 against each other. It is funny because they have some good banter and it looks like a competitive game. I like the technique used by EA Sports by getting two sporting heros to promote the game.

Children look up to them and try to idolize them, so when they see them playing the game, they immediately want to follow them and get the game their selves. Getting Steve Nash to play also helps because with soccer not being as popular in the USA than other sports, Steve Nash helps show that soccer is a fun enjoyable sport. By doing this it probably gets a wider variety of people to buy the game. People that are usually interested in hockey, football, and basketball games might be tempted to by FIFA12 after they see the commercial. Another similar commercial involving USA soccer star Landon Donovan and baseball star Tim Lincecum playing a game of FIFA12.EA Sports also uses another commercial that can be found on their YouTube page, which shows all the top soccer stars featured in the same advertisement which highlights the passion and excitement of soccer. It makes the game seem real life.

The game can be purchased on many different websites. Amazon is the main site where FIFA12 sells the most copies worldwide. One thing that I think EA Sports should improve on is making the game the same price no matter what format you buy it on. For example, it is more expensive to buy the game for the Playstation than the Xbox. I think that this might put a few people off in buying the game on certain consoles. I would recommend making the game the same price on every console so that it will be easier for customers to get that game in any format that they want.

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