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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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Looking at the need in place, the year 2010 and the future compels the cardiac specialists to step up their capabilities to meet the rising challenge of the cardiac problems. This is as Wenger (1999) says, as a result, the current challenge for cardiac rehabilitation specialist is to assure that their practice meets established expectations and that their programs emerge into a new era recognized for the quality and value of the services they provide (Wenger, 1999 pp 315).

At the same time, we also organize for the rising challenges in cardiac field through focusing on developing a work force that is concerned, creating public awareness on cardiac issues research programs that will open up opportunities for new ways of solving the heart problems. Service description What distinguish cardiac rehabilitation are the services that go on over time, that entail assessment, prescribing appropriate exercise for the patients and giving them appropriate education.

In addition to these long-term services, we also have counseling and interventions on patients behavior. From the above principles, specialists subdivide Cardiac rehabilitation into parts that engross exercises, guidance on nutritional, supporting patients emotionally, supporting and educating them about way of life that will help reduce the risks of heart issues. This will help patients regain strength, prevent the conditions from getting worse and finally reduce the dangers of heart troubles in future.

The infrastructure and technology We plan to have infrastructure, which is at par with the modern and efficient technology. Our focus is to have suits for consultations. This will be for out patients. We also plan to have quality services for the inpatients. Cardio-thoracic theaters will support these. In addition to this, we will have units for giving intensive care to patients with serious cardiac problems and therapy units for them too.

The infrastructure we want to put up will mirror the goal that we have for the new cardiac rehabilitation center. Within five years of its establishment, we plan to have a center that offers quality service, albeit many inpatients and outpatients that we anticipate to have started flocking in by that time. We plan to have theaters for cardio thoracic therapies that are set with technology that performs highly complex surgical actions.

For those patients in serious conditions we will have ICCUs or intensive cardiac care units (Srmc. edu, ¶ 11), which will give an entire care for them. Not forgetting that we need the units to have a pool of experts, we plan to have cardiologist who will take care of the heart problems, nutritionists who will give best guidance on nutrition and help patients to learn safe eating habits. We also need physiotherapists with psychologists who will counsel patients and help them to have a positive attitude towards life.

We also value time, and one other reason that drives us to establish a modern rehabilitation center is that patients should always recover quickly and get back to their daily routine in shortest period possible. The infrastructure will include different laboratories that will help in different diagnostic and treatment processes. Electrocardiography, which will mainly use electrical instruments, Echocardiography, which will involve echo technology and nuclear imaging which will use nuclear technology for cases that will require that.

We will also have The Cardiac Catheterization & Electrophysiology Laboratories, Cardio Thoracic theatres, the Intensive Cardiac Care Units, Inpatient Facilities and Cardiac Rehabilitation Units (Srmc. edu, ¶ 11). The people to serve As earlier mentioned, the need for cardiac rehabilitation centers are ever raising. It is for this reason that we want to establish this center in Atlanta Georgia to serve the people of this state and other neighboring states.

We have seen that the heart related problems are still on the top of the list of all the diseases that are claiming Americas people (Lloyd-Jones et al, 2010). It is therefore of a thing of prime importance to come up with Cardiac Rehab and Care Center of Atlanta (CRCCA) to help reduce the deaths that are caused by heart problems in America. From the statistics collected by the American Heart association, we find that the cardiovascular problems are also on the top of the list of the American spending on health.

Our goal is to provide a sustainable solution to the people who are suffering from heart problems. The opportunity we have is to serve them all who are suffering from heart problems. Industry This is completely a service industry that has the aim of providing the best to people suffering from cardiovascular problems. Other goals are to build and provide a sustainable service through equipping of a ream of human resource with the necessary know how. This is to be able to serve the future generations, and to protect them from heart related issues.

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