First Chinese Empire: Qin Dynasty Essay

Published: 2020-02-11 04:30:16
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Qin Dynasty is considered to be the first organized Chinese Empire. They existed on the Eastern China from where they started to unify the China for the first time. Before this Empire, the China was divided into many small administrative parts with different tribes ruling different parts. This Empire started the tradition to rule the China as a single unified state. Qin Dynasty took many steps to form the great China. They undertook various steps including the formation of a legislation to form a government.

China was divided into 36 different freights and all of them were governed by a civil governor. The military of certain commodity was overlooked by a military commander and the civil laws were administered by an imperial inspector. They all had to answer to the government for their actions. Qin Dynasty was not culturally advanced in the start. Their sole purpose was to strengthen their military force. They were governed by highly skilled Generals who gave out the winning strategies to conquer different areas.

Qin Dynasty is always known as their writing enhancements which they offered. Being a large country China had different languages which hinder the communication process. Qin Dynasty classified a standard language for whole of the China. In a similar way the currency of the China was also standardized to form a circular copper coin which had a square hole in its center. In the trade, they standardized the measurement tools used for businesses. Important laws were administered to carry out businesses.

They also undertook many public projects including the formation of roads and maps. The canals were also made throughout the country for the water supple and for irrigation as well. They also helped the people to make different carrying objects that can be used for transportation. An important social advancement was of forming groups of 5 to 10 families and giving the charge to a noble person. If any thing that has been done wrongly by any group the person in charge was responsible.

Qin Dynasty was a superior force in the military perspective. A wall was also constructed in the north so that they can stay calm in the time of invasions and fight back with a greater strength. The first king of this Dynasty was Shi huangdi who was not a popular leader after all. Apart from all the work he did for China, he was still considered as mean in various prospective of government. He did unified China, but in doing so he also took charge from the tribe leaders which existed in various parts of China before his emperorship started.

Along the way he also put a heavy Burdon of taxes on the people which made the poor people to always work for their family and consequently was not able to think about the politics and everything that goes in the administration. Moreover, he also burnt all the books that he thought were against his way of rule. This burning of the books was considered to be the biggest conspiracy of the Qin Dynasty. This also included the murder of more than 400 people who stood against the first emperor of Qin Dynasty. Shi huangdi died in the age of 37.

His son took over the Empire, but he wasnt able to control the Empire. He committed suicide and the Empire went in the hands of Han Dynasty in 206 BC. The whole period of Qin Dynasty prolonged from 221 BC to 206 BC is considered to be the genesis of the Great China apart from all the wrong things which happened in this period. It was first time when the China stood united against their enemies and also it saw great advancements in the social lives of people. References De Bary, Theodore & Lufrano, Richard. (2001). Sources of Chinese Tradition. NY: Columbia University Press.

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