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Published: 2020-01-16 17:32:26
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Food and beverage control systems can help you introduce the same financial rigour to your dining establishment or catering company that youll find in manufacturing operations. What is a food and beverage control system? A food and beverage control system is a means of computerizing best practice within a restaurant or catering operation. It gives managers a better idea of the flow of food through the restaurant, enabling them to plan cash flow and stock control more effectively. At the sharp end, it provides chefs with a more structured way of planning menus, taking into account nutritional and financial considerations. Importance of food and beverage control system In areas like manufacturing, companies keep close tabs on the manufacturing cost and value of their products. And yet in dining establishments, the core product ” the food ” is often not subject to the same scrutiny. Food control in many establishments is chaotic and unstructured.

Restaurant budgets are often based on what was achieved last year. Ideally, chefs should be able to cost out each item on a menu, creating a clear picture of the cost of each sale to measure against its revenue. This helps you to understand which the most profitable items are, and whether you are keeping food wastage low enough to hit the profitability targets that you have set yourself. Putting in place a proper food and beverage control system will help you to make more intelligent decisions that help to cut the overall cost of sale for an establishment while maintaining profits. For example, if you find that your overheads are too high, you may be able to cut items from the menu that have a higher cost-to-revenue ratio. Features of food and beverage control system There are several key features that dining establishments should consider when purchasing a food and beverage control system.

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