Food habits and globalization Essay

Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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Traditions has been changed since the western food had reached to the GCC, according to (2007) Many people feel fast food plays a big role in changing the traditional diets of cultures worldwide. The obesity is a global problem, that it impacted by the bad influence from the globalization. After this, the health became one of the most important issues, because changing habits can destroy the health, also it destroys the traditions, because children nowadays will not be able to eat and have the same healthy food that their parents had. In fact, Food in the UAE has negatively impacted by globalization.

The first issue is health, years ago or maybe more our parents had accustomed to eat certain type of food, and by changing it this fast it would be dangerous. Globalization effected many countries by spreading the different types of food restaurants. America as an example spread many junk food restaurants in the UAE, like Macdonalds, KFC, and pizza hut. Children and adults nowadays eat too many junk food, because its faster, and easy to find. Our parents used to eat healthy food and their bodies does not include junk food, by changing patterns in this generation health has been effected. Obesity and chronic diseases is caused by the changing diet pattern (Neuhouser, Thomson, Coronado, & Solomon, 2004). It seems like the junk food is spreading in the GCC very fast, and the demand of the fast food increased.

The reason why health was effected is the new food pattern and if we looked at what this food included we would be surprised. Most of the junk food includes vegetables, meet, and sauces, if we looked gently to the ingredients we will find many of genetically modified organism. This GMO is harmful for the health, because its not natural (Emanuelle Landais, 2007). According to sid candid, the fast food can be done fast and taste better but in spite of this advantages they are low on the nutritional elements and hardly provide any benefits to the body. Junk food is full of oil and the person can get fats easily.

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