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Published: 2020-02-17 19:50:17
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The implementation of the balanced scorecard at Pepsi Saudi was constructed on the previously discussed BSC four perspectives. And it followed the designed phases of preparation, designing and implementation. Week 2 Week 8 Week 12/ forward.

Team building creation of strategic Improvement of data availability/ accuracy Measures Clarification of Documentation of strategic Construction of BSC model Strategy and objectives Measures Data collection Data computerization/automation Prepare to implement Develop comprehensive BSC solution. From BSC manual 2000 Pepsi Saudi decided to pick to pick members of the original pilot team, but every member could not participate. There were some additional screening and the final selection was made based on what was considered the strength of the team.

The teams ultimately selected their team leader who would represent them for the duration. The team leaders were selected by organizational strength and leadership: base on the ease and timing and strategic relevance. Ease/Timing: Possession of skills needed to make and execute the commitment. Familiarization with the BSC system and the corporate objective. The support shown to the team leader by the rest of the team. Strategic The potential for good financial generation capability Importance: The potential to serve customers needs. Quality of service Does the leader have the competitive character.

Good communication skills. BSC manual 2000. The initial objectives for Pepsi Saudi were acquisition of new customer base and the retention of the core customer base. To design a system that would enable the company to serve that customer unit better. To use the BSC system to develop more efficient ways of delivering good quality products on time. To remain on the offensive as far as the competition, and to develop a solid business atmosphere that would enhance the strategies of the company. The design phase recorded the need to add the strategic measures, explaining collection of data, and preparation for implementation.

The four major perspectives were emphasized again: the financial, customer, internal business process, and learning and growth. The four perspectives also detailed the measures that the company had set as its road to execution. perspectives Corporate measures financial Total revenues, new sources of revenue, Return on investment. Customer Customer satisfaction index, increase market share Internal business To focus on production of superior soft drinks process Increase market share, and ultimately make More money for shareholders. learning and growth Develop employee satisfaction marker, Regular employee training exercises .

The project was concluded with the highly expected implementation phase. A model was constructed, and data collection program was set in motion, and the company have allocated great resources directed to the maintenance and continuous development of BSC. SUMMARY: The balanced scorecard is both a management and a measurement business too, BSC helps business organizations design a business vision and strategy that they could be translate into action. BSC helps the business people to have the necessary feedbacks about their operations, both as internal business process and external business process.

It goes further to assist them to strengthen strategic business performance. So BSC revolves around such concepts as feedback measurement, the cascading formation, cause and effect, and mapping of strategies. The major perspective are the financial perspective, the customer perspective, the internal process perspective, and the learning perspective. The factors that gives the BSC its stability is found in the lagging and leading indicators, then the diagnostic and strategic measurement systems.

The cost and risk, the benefits and value. With low risk implementation, the BSC predicts low benefit, and on the token, an investment on the high risk BSC yields high benefits. The operational and strategic feedback is anchored by the metrics, which centers on the revolving strategic plans, strategic budget, strategic initiative, and to the outputs. The cascading scorecard travels from the organizational goals, to strategic decision, and then to agency level informational analysis and review.

Then it cascades down again to the directors level, as it comes down finally to the branch level. The cause and effect theory states simply that when customer satisfaction is elevated then it makes sense that financial intake would also be increased. When work process is strengthened it ought to lead to increased customer satisfaction. If employees are given the skills education or knowledge they need to function and work better, then there is little doubt that the entire organizational foundation would benefit tremendously from well from that perspective.

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