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Published: 2020-01-05 19:50:48
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Nowadays, children play computer games for long hours and they do not play old traditional games. What do you think is the reason? Do you think this influences children in a good or a bad way? Computer games became a passion among people, particularly the children of the new generation. Although there are so many reasons behind this trend, I strongly believe that it will adversely influence people in numerous ways. People are indulged in computer games, because of various reasons. Chief among these is addition to these games. These programs motivate pupils to involve in this more time by giving them new targets and scores.

The competitive spirit in the younger generation like to break each level and gain more points faster than their peer group. Therefore, parents should keep an eye on them. Lack of sufficient outdoor space is another reason. Those who are living in cities, especially in flats are facing this problem. Ignorance of rules to follow a game and absence of enough friends to participate in a game, further keep them on computer games. In the virtual world of computer games, they can satisfy their suppressed emotions such as beating or killing and burst out their anger safely.

Lastly, parental restrictions to go outside home due to the absence of supervision and security reasons block children from engaging outdoor games. Admittedly, whatever are the reasons of engaging in computer games, I feel it bring lot of disadvantages. Their participation in outdoor games will diminish which are excellent opportunities of mingling with peer group in the outer real world; enhance their communication skills, and a good chance for exercises. These may pave way to isolation and behavioral problems.

Hence, the games take away long hours, they may have issues like bad academic performances, lack of concentration and so on. Computer games are increasingly leads to obesity since these children are lacking exercises. Health problems such as back pain, eyestrain, problems in fingers and so forth, may give rise to drastic impacts in their future life too. To conclude computer games are now gaining ground among children. One should choose the computer game, especially the time spend for it wisely by considering its cons in their lives and the parents should supervise them.

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