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Published: 2020-04-22 08:25:56
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The past decade has shown alarming trends in the composition and activities of youth gangs all around the country. Gangs are supposed to be present in every major school district in the United States. A street gang appeares as an organized association of individuals who express their identification through private language, symbolic behavior, and the wearing of colors. The gang is generally, though not always, ethnically homogeneous. The thing that the street gang problem has turned out to be a real headache to the police goes without saying. And since the problem always implies some ways of its solving something has already been found.

Gang Resistance is Paramount (GRIP) and Gang Resistance Education and Training (GREAT) could be quite suitable examples of school-based gang prevention programs. Yet, armed children continue to appear at the schoolhouse door. Should the police treat youth gangs as those composed of adults? Is it the very time for the legislation to be changed? The fact is that if the attitude is different the arrangements of prevention also appear to be contrary different. Then, if the gang is known to be ethnically homogeneous the fact is possible to be taken into account. Prohibitions and limitations concerned with race are sure to be introduced.

One way for preventing the growth of youth gang presence in the neighbourhood is the establishment of the curfew for certain nationalities. Or this could be thorough documents inspection, or putting a ban on studying in some schools for Mexicans, for instance. Still, isnt all this bringing us back to well-known days of race discrimination? Arent we creating the background to more serious problems while solving the current ones? School proggrams have already started. Maybe they simply need a chance? Remember children were dealing with are still children even with guns in their hands.

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