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Published: 2020-02-15 03:21:06
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My profession of interest is: _Energy Analyst_

Please visit the O*NET Web site, and research the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) that are required for your desired profession. Complete the chart below to identify which of the KSAs you already have and which KSAs you need to acquire.

KSA required in your desired job or profession
Description of how you meet this requirement
If you do not meet this requirement, how can you acquire it? Building and Construction
Past Work with Mario Sinicola Construction and Certified Electrician

Customer Service and Personal Service
Experience with Customers with CountryWide lending

General Studies of Math, Physics, Design, and English

Aquiring my Associates degree in general business and working on bachelors in Energy Deductive Reasoning
Have basic understanding to apply general rules to help the answer make sense

Near Vision
I have two eyes with both of them having 18/20 vision

System Analysis

To obtain knowledge through work experience and also studies through school to gain the information needed.

Part 2: Goal Setting

Using your gap analysis and what you have learned in this phase, set 3 short-term goals to fill the gaps that you have in your KSAs and qualifications. Please make sure your goals are SMART:

Action-oriented (What action will you take?)

Gap in your
KSA qualifications
Short-term goal to fill the gap
Time frame to be completed

No degree in analysis or basic business

Find a business and become an apprentice

1.5 years

Obtain Business degree in data and Energy Analysis

Use exiting work and also find others already working in the field and gain knowledge from there

2 years

General Studies

Continue education through college

6 months

Part 3: Revised Elevator Speech

My name is Gabriel Cheney; currently I am a student at Colorado Technical University. I have been in the U.S. Army and also sales man for multiple types of businesses. I am currently working on my associates degree in general business and looking to work towards a bachelor degree in Data Analysis. I currently am working at a small software company that develops and produces point of sale systems for salons across the world. I am looking to find a position in the company the will allow me to grow in this field that I wish to work in the future.

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