Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield Essay

Published: 2020-02-25 18:50:31
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The book, Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield revolves around the tale of one of the renowned and earliest battles in the history, Thermopylae. Around hundreds of Spartans together with their 7,000 Greek allies instigates an attack against an Asian army ruled by the Persian King Xerxes who takes over the Persian Empire from his father, Darius. Among the heroic Greeks who fight and sacrifice their lives, only one man survives Xeones. The young mans life narrative sets off before working under a Spartan soldier, Alexandros.

With a bruised ego and dismayed heart when his city is destroyed and becomes a slave to the Spartans, he finally comes to take part of the Spartan warriors in the battle field and becomes the only man standing. The story mostly takes place in the ancient Greece that follows to give an upbeat story line most especially when Xeones, after all the rambling encounters in life, stands up and struggles against the Persian army. The storys main character however does not only circle around the life of Xeones, but to the other Greeks who wrestle in the battle as well.

They too, share valiant acts to win the battle. Taken from Xerxes desire to create his own legacy through battles, the story depicts how most of us are blinded by the things we badly crave for that we sometimes overlook that there is more to that just like the people who care and love us. The movie has the right blend of heroism, honor, and selflessness which Xeones flawlessly performed. The story is a touching take on human emotions portrayed in proximate circumstances.

With its apparent complex plot, it can make its readers think profoundly about life, love and whether the unexpected turns in life are really worth it. Gates of Fire really is a convincing and selfless peek in the historical passing of time and in the disposition of a warrior or soldier who is in a battle. It is therefore an ideal article to read. Without a doubt, no one can answer why he or she should not read the book.

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