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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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i. Geely did a plenty of preparatory work before the merger, making promising acquisitions to achieve. ii. The negotiations need to identify the opportunity. After the outbreak of the financial crisis, Europe and the United States caught into the harsh economic environment, relatively China was less affected, so Ford began considering the Chinese acquirer. At this time Geely found Ford to talk about mergers and acquisitions, Ford would really be taken seriously. iii. It is very important for each members level of negotiation of the negotiating team, the level of individual ability and ability to cooperate were all critical. iv. Geely found the negotiated members could be described as under the foot work, because of the complementary knowledge and experience between members, the whole things were including all aspects of the negotiations, technology, finance, management, etc. otherwise the acquisition is transnational merger and acquisition, so a number of members had experience in working abroad and experience in participating in transnational merger and acquisition negotiations, so that the negotiation would proceed smoothly.

v. At the appropriate time could be adept at using outside power to help achieve the goal. Geely was at all costs to set up a strong team of consultants, negotiating transaction processing capabilities rapidly enhanced, so that Ford felt the sincerity and determination of Geely, causing Ford enough attention; Geely also guided the public opinion by the means of building a good relationship with Volvo labor union. vi. Holding the concept of win-win, but to stick to the bottom line of principles did not compromise. The point of view of the win-win has been run through the whole acquisition, the both sides had not very intense dispute in terms of acquisition price, and properly standed each others point of view to consider the issue, The final pricing is determined considering the financial position of both sides as well as global environmental factors.

Gleey did not compromise in talks with intellectual property with Ford, must fight for the right to use of Volvos advanced core technology. The negotiation has been adhered until Ford agreed the conditions, because this was one of the main purposes of Geelys acquisition of Volvo, and was non-negotiable. vii. To identify the other partys interests and the need of points to start. Li Shufu used a variety of relationships to find the former CEO Mulally of Ford, talking about the achievements made by the management philosophy of the Boeing Company and Boeings achievements, which obtained the high appreciation from Mylally. In short, negotiation is a complex and challenging task, the reasons why Geely can beat many competitors at home and abroad and win the Volvo from Ford at a reasonable price are from many aspects. The all above things are just some personal views, but also need to continue in-depth study.

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