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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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Mommy, a five year-old child states, this food is tastier than the other kind. The reason for this is simple; genetic engineering. Genetic engineering is modification of a plants or animals DNA. Scientists do this to enhance a certain gene within the organism. Some opponents of genetically modified food argue that growing this kind of food will ruin the environment and the ecosystem permanently. In fact, genetically modified food is beneficial for the environment and for society. With the creation and use of genetically modified food, the world shall change forever.

To begin with, GM (genetically modified) crops are able to be used for medical purposes. Meaning, these modified plants have medical benefits that prevent cancer and other diseases (Institute 32). Medically, this is extremely important because thousands of people have died to cancer. The world would be a better place without cancer. Not only does this help people, a plant can be made to produce more nutrients that are essential (Manning 10). A persons immune system can be boosted to help fight off viruses and other bad organisms.

Sadly, 800 million people around the world are undernourished (Pence 58), causing diseases to run rampant. In the medical world, rampant diseases can cause harm to millions of people. Not only this but 400 million child bearing women have iron deficiency and 100 million children suffer from blindness from Vitamin A deficiency (Penning 58). This is unfortunate in all aspects. People do not deserve to die due to spoiled or a shortage of food. GM food can help people. Without a doubt, medical usage of GM food is essential.

Another piece of evidence that shows GM crops in their finest is their tactics in feeding the world. One conclusion can be drawn from the fact that GMOs [Genetically Modified Organisms] provide healthier food for [farmers] farm animals] (Institute 32). The healthier an animal eats, the better the animal is to consume. The meat and milk from animals will have more nutrients. Not only this, the government backs up GMOs and says these can feed millions of people in third world countries (Manning 10). People that are living in poverty can be fed and not die due to unsuitable conditions.

Once again, people do not deserve to parish due to starvation. Mr. Pence states that GM crops are the tools for feeding the world (59). For this world feeding tactic, he states the truth; better crops and better animals will make food last longer or have bigger quantities to share with the world. This means that countries like Brazil can change. Brazil is able to challenge the big five food exporters of the world (How 11). The fact is clear the genetically modified foods can feed the world. Additional proof that GM foods are beneficial to the people of the world is their environmental benefits.

Mr. Pollan shares his thoughts by saying that biotechnology is the replacement of expensive and toxic chemicals (15). What he means is that the environment will not need to endure through as much of the harmful chemicals that farmers have to use to eradicate insects. This leads to the point that farmers has not to spray anything, has not to dust anything (Manning 68) and does not need to destroy the environment. This can give the soil a break from the plagues that are herbicide and insecticide. Not only is the soil being saved, natural land marks can be saved.

For example, the forests of the Amazon are being deforested for land. However, with the help of GMOs, Brazil can use the plains and farmland they have better (How 2). Forests can then be saved because countries like Brazil can then use the entire land plot for what it is worth and more. As the evidence clearly shows, genetically modified organisms can benefit the environment. Finally, the most important piece of evidence that genetically modified foods are beneficial for humanity is its effect on crops as a whole.

To begin with, plants have improved nutrition (Institute 31). For people who want to lose weight, this is a plus. The reason of this is that the person can eat less and still feel healthy. Not only this, the [use of] biotechnology can make a crop more resistant to pests, herbicides, or disease (Manning 10). A pest can be defined as a grasshopper, beetle, locust, and other animals that consume farm crops. Hundreds of crops can now be saved due the natural insecticide (instrument for killing insects).

Not only this, unwanted plants, such as weeds, can be killed without the crop being affected. A natural herbicide resistance can cut down on the amount needed by farmers to kill a plant. Finally, disease resistant plants are very important. The Great Potato Famine of 1840 showed what one disease can do. If a disease like that struck a major crop field, millions of people could starve. This absolutely proves the importance of GMOs. Shockingly, as stated, countries like Brazil can go from zero to hero with benefits from GMOs (How 11).

If the entire world could be like this, world hunger could end. Only one conclusion can be drawn; genetically modified crops are extremely beneficial to the world. Overall, the world as we know it is being affected by biotechnology. This is an extremely good thing! With society being able to prosper, the world can become a better place. Learning about GM food in a community can help support biotechnology and all of its benefits. This can be an important decision. If the world shall change, why not change for everyones benefit.

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