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Published: 2020-02-19 15:41:36
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The shift of power in the late 1790s by the Federalists can be attributed to different factor that had caused such incidents. In understanding this loss, the fall from power does not revolve around the hold of the government. Rather, it is the shift of ideas and reshaping of new interests that had led to the split of views among the American public and the rise of a new group who had a different view with the dominant Federalists.

These changes began to manifest itself during George Washingtons tenure as president. Under his control, he had established a capable cabinet to address the current hurdles and obstacles surrounding American society during that time (Intelecom, n.d.). On one side, we can see Alexander Hamilton who seeks to redefine Americas policies and improve on the economy. On the other hand, his secretary of State; Thomas Jefferson, sees these scenarios as too much for central control.

There are several issues surrounding this debate between Jefferson and Hamilton. Since the impeding issues of economic problems surrounding the country, there is now an argument surrounding creating a centralized bank that will facilitate these economic issues. However, this was hindered by Jefferson because such creation can undermine the overall capacity of the state to act on these problems (Intelcom, n.d.).

At the same time, there is the issue surrounding national debt. Again, there are contrasting views surrounding its resolution. For the part of Jefferson, it is essential that the state pay off these debts and restart with policies that are debt-free which can in turn benefit the whole of the people. On the other hand, for Hamilton he believes that these debts should be hold on by the government. After this, he thinks to centralize these debt systems which shall be facilitated by the national treasury (Intelcom, n.d.).

Though there were several arguments that have made a split in Washingtons cabinet, there was one important consolidation among the actors involved. This was choosing the appropriate capital for the central government. In here, it can be argued that Jefferson advocated the transfer of the central office to now Washington D.C. so as to prevent too much control of Federalists in a specific location. That is why choosing a neutral ground is an outcome that both parties especially Jefferson wanted (Intelcom, n.d.).

Seeing these developments during the tenure of George Washington, the decline of Federalists power became evident during the formation of individuals who sought to control the level of centralization among other groups. Thus, this started the formation of the Republican Party and showcased a new wave towards redefining views concerning society, politics, and the economy (Intelcom, n.d.).

This rise of the Republican party manifested itself after the presidency of George Washington in 1897.Though the head of office was gained by the Federalists, the vice-presidential position was attained by a member of the Republican party; Thomas Jefferson. Seeing this development, the country then saw for the first time two leaders who share opposing views concerning running a country. Such split is one indication of the end of the Federalists grasp of American politics.

In the end, the loss of power and control of the Federalist Party resulted in different and contrasting views concerning political and economic politics. With the development of the Republican Party, it allowed the American public to have a choice on important and vital issues surrounding policies on domestic and foreign policy. Such idea catapulted a new wave of how politics and issues are addressed and administered by members of the government.


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