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Published: 2020-04-22 15:25:56
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The film entitle Girl in the cafe has a combined genre of Drama and Romance. It is about the story of Lawrence (Billy Nighy) who is a Londoner in the film and he has a successful governmental career who falls in love with Gina (Kelly Macdonald) , an enigmatic young woman. When the two of them went to a G8 summit located in Iceland, great test on their obligations as professionals occurs.

The film by David Yates was somehow criticized by some journalist because according to one, the film had one unforgivable and entirely avoidable flaw which is oversimplification, Presenting a complex issue in a one dimensional way that made not only patronizing but also lessens the value of the message. (Crompton, 2005) In one way or another the simplicity of the movie made other critiques bored in watching it. Nevertheless there are some factors that were clearly stated in the film like love in times of poverty and the characters being caught in their professional obligations.

One great storyline from the film is related to the song called Cold Water by Damien Rice, with the lines, Lord, Can you hear me now? I AM listening right now. So is the LORD. Its up to US to ACT. A great link to feed the poor and act in accordance to social responsibility in helping those people in need. When Lawrence take Gina to a G8 summit in Reykjavik, Iceland, where confrontations with United Kingdoms Prime Minister happens in regards with the issue of debt and poverty in Africa.

It is up to us to Act on these issues of poverty in depress place sand extend help in doing our part to extend our help to the less fortunate people. The Girl in the Cafe does contain some of his trademark comedy elements, it is generally more serious in tone and attempts to highlight the issues of poverty and fair trade. The fight against world-wide poverty has to begin somewhere. While many may propose it begins at home, the world is becoming a smaller place everyday and home is becoming a larger place everyday.

As someone said, we must live off the interest and not the environmental capital the world has today. To begin to live off the interest, we must take better care of our global family and focusing on third-world poverty is an excellent start. Movies like this certainly emphasize the need for more focus by demonstrating that it is time to be recognized for taking action and not a time to continue planning for future action. Both leading characters played their parts extremely well. Both had focus and determination to continue against very large odds. We need to be exposed to more films of this type of thinking.

The title itself girl in the cafe makes the simply more simpler because of the idea that the Lawrence met Gina in the cafe. While their relationship starts off with them sitting opposite sides of the table, they slowly fall in love. The movie is somewhat comedy, romantic and full of dramatic meaning. The dialogues uttered by the characters made an exemplary idea to the minds of the viewers in further understanding the films main theme. Further analyzing the movie and relating it to the line in the song that is heard quite sometimes in the film, lets set aside first the romance and focus on the idea of some bigger problems.

The summit where the 2 characters went needs to talk about a big issuesaving children in Africa. And then we have a stirring debate. Going deeply on the main theme of the film, Do we save children outside our country, while we have poor and starving people in our own country? How long will it take to end global hunger? To much says the great leaders of the world. Gina is stirred into a unwelcome debate Sure, they can save people today, but what about the people on the wrong side of the line? This is not some stupid propaganda film full of political parties, bashing it out.

This is deeper. Even the people like the Chancellor, give good points not to pass the new plan to end world poverty. Looking at the whole image of the film moreover, some dialogues that were used is explicit, some brief nudity is shown and somehow the visuals are stunning and always fun to look at. Everything looks real. However the flaw is in the camera there are some angles and shots in the film where the camera tends to be out of focus and I am not sure if this was done purposely, but sometimes the camera would just shake, randomly.

The story as a whole has a powerful political message about how some people want to pretend certain things that do not happen in this world. I was very glad that political issues did not overwhelm the love story of the characters. The characters are somewhat lonely and timid and searching fro the right person. The love scene was done in a very sweet and gentle manner.

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